Gold Alma Miroir...

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  1. i'm so excited....forget to type anything
    but i don't know what to say

    what do you say?
  2. Too big! But it's sorta cute :yes:
  3. waay too big!
  4. I would like it if it come in a smaller size.
  5. i love it, but it is so out of my budget, its not even funny.

    :sad: boo hoo
  6. That it so absolutely beautiful in person. I can see the collector staring at it for too long. :nuts:
  7. Real cute, but kind of flashy for me
  8. i just think its too big
  9. I like the alma voyage.. but not this one. :\
  10. Cute but I'd love it even more if it were a regular Alma instead of the Voyage.
  11. that's a whole lot of shiny.
  12. I thought it was just me who thought it was big, but now I know my eyes weren't deceiving me. I think it looks like a lovely shiny tea cozy.

    Hope no one is offended by that!