Going VEGAN (Temporarily) To Get My Cholesterol DOWN !!

  1. My recent visit to my PCP has shown that my cholesterol is in need of control, and I am going to try a vegan diet for about a month.

    Any suggestions on how I can do this with some success?
    I am not a fan of red meat, but I do love seafood and shrimp, but unfortunately shrimp is high in cholesterol.

    I also need to avoid eggs, and start using egg substitutes...

    TIA !!
  2. Eat NATURAL peanut butter and cheerios! I also have high cholesterol and this has helped. Steam or bake things, eat the rainbow! bright greens, red peppers, beans etc.

    You don't have to truly go vegan, just recognize a low fat vegetarian diet or incorporate some steamed fish. Just don't buy the over-processed ready to eat vegetarian things (boca burgers, chicken etc).

    Also, I drink pysllium husk in a glass of juice in the morning and it helps keep my number low. I got a jar at whole foods for very cheap.
  3. Eating vegan can be very helpful for many issues... including cholesterol problems.

    You should really avoid all meat for a little while. Stick with BEANS. All sorts of beans. They are high in protein and if you are not eating much meat, it will be very helpful. Black peans, pinto, garbanzo, etc. Eat brown rice and sweet potatoes- stay away from egg yolks. The white has always been better. Eat lots of greens.. tons and tons of them!!

    Good luck!
  4. Good luck!!
  5. Good luck with that.

    Although, if you don't want to completely give up meat, you could do fish or you could do skinless baked chicken.

    If you eat turkey, don't eat the dark meat and again, remove the skin.

  6. ^^^^^

    You're KIDDING me, right? I LOVE those faux vegan sausage patties......what's wrong with them? hmmm...

  7. ^^^^^^

    Thanks for the info....
    I am avoiding all meat for awhile, but what about those egg substitutes? (egg beaters) ?? I'm also turned off by egg whites, I've eaten scrambled egg whites for ages...
  8. Oh! I love them too, but a mistake people make is to JUST eat those for their protein and they aren't the best nutritional thing as your main protein source, y'know?
  9. Some of the vegetarian burgers and the such boast lower fat content and calories, but may actually be higher in sodium.

    Try http://vegweb.com/ - there are a lot of really easy to make recipes and they're actually pretty delicious ! :yes: I also found that it was much easier and more palatable to go with more international recipes (especially Indian cuisine) when I was a Vegan.
  10. everyone advices are great, black beans have more protein than pinto beans, about the eggs, all the "good" stuff is in the whites, its all protein and no fat. There is a cereal called Special K protein plus, and you can eat protein shakes and bars too.
    I wish you get better