Going tomorrow to LV store!!

  1. I'm going tomorrow to the LV store in Thessaloniki, god it's been so long since my last purchase so I'm pretty excited:yahoo:will let you know all the details when I'm back:yes:
  2. Better post pics if you brought home any goods :biggrin:
  3. im going sat and im bringing home one of these babies>on my list>>
  4. do you which one yet??
  5. hmm not exacly sure because of my budget you know with holyday shoping and all but if i don't bring home mage the light brown, im not gonna leave empty handed im bringing dimitri its the black:nuts:
  6. :p the dimitri looks gorgeus .. I like the damier also!!
  7. Hope you have fun and bring home lots of goodies.
  8. oh, gosh, how exciting! I still get excited EVERY time I go in the store. Just seeing the entrance makes my hands sweat! Have a good time and enjoy yourself. Try on everything!!
  9. Def. post pics
  10. Have fun! can't wait to hear all about it when you get back!:wlae:
  11. Can't wait to see what you bring back to show us!
  12. Cant wait to see pics :smile:!
  13. Have fun and show us what you get!!!
  14. Just got back!! It was soooo cool! Everyone was very nice and they even gave us some chocolate treats ;)
    I bought the Monogram iPod case and a Monogram Groom scarf! (red) :yahoo:

    pics will follow !
  15. Congrats on the ipod case and groom scarf!:flowers:

    Glad you had a great time!:yes: