Going to Work, Coming home with a Chanel

  1. :yahoo:Hey! I am so excited!! I am heading out to work, than on my way home I am stopping at Neimans to pick up my Brookyn Cabas style!! I am so excited! I would have picked it up yesterday, but they called me at 5:45 on a Sunday when the store closes at 6! How am I supposed to get from NYC to Jersey in 15?? Will post pics when I get it! I am so excited!! YAY!!! I may have to cut out of work early!:yahoo:
  2. Congrats,can't wait to see pictures!!
  3. Congrats & can't wait to see pics! I have never seen this new cabas yet.
  4. Congrats
  5. congrats!
  6. What a fun day, let's see when you get it home, please:smile:
  7. Pics! Pics!
    I think you should finish your work earlier today!:idea:
  8. i will take pics with camera phone so i can expedite the pics. i am going first to Neimans, than my office.
  9. congrats! i cant wait to see the pictures!!!
  10. Congrats! Looking forward to seeing the pictures.
  11. wow! congrats! It's going to be a great day for you!
  12. I would look forward to work if I knew I was coming home with a Chanel! Congrats!! :smile:
  13. Congrats, can't wait to see pics!! :smile:
  14. Ooohh this is very exciting. I have not seen pics of the new cabas, but look forward to seeing them. Huge congrats on your new purchase. :tup:
  15. Love the way you work!!! hehehe:p