Going To Woodbury Outlets Tomorrow :)

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  1. Hi All,
    I am new to this site! I love it that there is a PLACE TO TALK ABOUT BAGS! :yahoo: Have any of you been to the Gucci store recently? I am hoping to find a cute bag there...but something tells me I should just go to the Gucci store and pay extra for the one I want. Oh well! Hopefully I find something...does anyone have any pics of what they got there? Or any advice? I am excited to go!! My boyfriend already told me to leave the credit cards at home!! Ummm..I dont think so! hahaha Also, I am going to Argentina and Vegas over the next 2 months and want a new pair of sunglasses!! Will I find bargains there for sunglasses?? SOoo many people are selling the ones I want on eBay But I think they are all fakes! :cursing:

    HELP!!!! :smile:
  2. If you have a AAA card, go to info desk in the food pavillion for the coupon book. It comes in handy. The gucci store tends to have a good selection of bags, shoes, sunglasses etc. Prada (Space NK), chanel, tods, tend to be blahhh. Once I did find a great deal on Tod's shoes but not since. Longchamp usually has decent deals. Dior has few bags but a number of small leather goods. Don't forget the off 5th and NM last call there as they have a lot. You might find great sunglasses there. It's very hit or miss but good luck!
  3. THANKS SOO MUCH FOR THE ADVICE!! I already printed out my map and highlighted the stores I want to get to FIRST!! HAHAHA LOL!! I heard about the "last call" NM store! cant wait to see what they have.
  4. Hey girls!! Ok, sooo my first time to the Woodbury outlets in Central Valley, NY...it was "OK" The chanel store was pretty empty except for their Chanel Patent leather totes...they had them in White, Pink and Turqouise. I think they were prices $1300 and on sale for 50% off..or something like the. The gucci store didnt have much, except for a lot of wallets. they did have the black logo backpack for $540 which was adorable, but it looked funny on my back. Off to the DIOR store I went and fell in love there! I tell ya..if you are in the market looking for a dior bag, this is the place to go. The sales woman there was so nice and gave me her card while checking out and told me to call her if I ever see a bag I like! ALSO, their bags are 50% off the original price. I wanted to buy 2, but had to think realistically and settle for one. I ended up buying the Dior black canvas logo (size medium) messenger bag. SUPER CUTE!! I will send pics tomorrow. I dont have my camera with me right now. It was $580 originally and I go tit for $280!! It is such a cute bag. You girls shoudl def call and they will tell you what they have in stock. i will send you pics tomorrow of the bags I saw...such great prices!!! Ihave to go, but will be on tomorrow with pics :smile: :smile:
  5. ohhhh guccigirl thanks for the report!!!!!!!!! :smile: i will totally be going to check out that dior outlet!! what a great buy 280 thats awsome, cant wait to see pics!!!!
    did you go into any other stores? or jus tthose ones?
  6. "Oh" I will go to US in next few months and I wanna go there too. I wanna go to Chanel outlet :smile:
  7. Hi girls...UGH the batteries died in my digital. I am going to take pics of my bag and others I own tonight :smile: I LOVE THIS SITE!! LOL This is a pic of the bag I bought at the outlets, but I got it in Black. I already have a black logo canvas bag, but I didnt like the other colors they had. If they had this brown one I would have DEF bought it! They had this bag in navy (dont like the color) also in a light beige, but small DIOR, and in PINK!! I am going to be using it for travel so I went with the black as it is the color to least get dirty. I am trying to find pics of the bags they had there. THey had a TON OF WALLETS all 50% off the regular price! They had the vintage flower line, a couple of REALLY CUTE beige bags with hot pink and hot orange. They had the whole "sporty" line...I will attach photos. The woman gave me her card. Christian dior company store and her name is debra. the number there is 845.928.4602. Def call her and ask her if they carry the bag that you are looking for. I will post pics as i find them online :smile: :yahoo:
  8. Oops..here is the messenger bag I bought in a size medium. It is pretty big! and is going to be great for when I go to Argentina! :smile: [​IMG]
  9. Ok! here are some of the bags I saw. If you like Dior, which I do, I would def call them and ask them to send you pics! here are some of the bags they had. They had them in different colors. The Kate Spade outlet had bags for practically NOTHING! I am not a big kate spade fan, but they had great bags for as low as $50!!!! As I said before...if you are looking fora deal on Chanel...you will NOT find one here. I was very surprised with their selection. They had nothing! BLAH! the fendi store had quite a few bags...but nothing I was drewling over! Saks Last call...pretty good. I found a really cute pair of Paige jeans that were $179..marked down to 119...with an extra 50% off. I paid like $55 for them! pretty good :smile:
    dior handbag2.jpg dior.jpg DiorRastaSaddleLDM1.jpg dior_rasta_boston_4.jpg
  10. Wow, thanks for the report!
  11. I go to Woodbuy often and , without question, the best place for deals in always Tod's...always great selection in bags/accessories and shoes. I have made numerous purchases there. Never have good luck at Chanel for bags although have gotten shoes. Same for Gucci. Burberry often has a good assortment of bags if you happen to like them. Have never done well with bags at Off FIfth or NM outlet. The Tod's outlet also carries Hogan so it is all good...
  12. KALODIE1: where is the TODS outlet
    ??? is it called something else, cause i looked at the list of stores and it doesnt say TODS or HOGAN on the list,,,,? is it a dif, name ?? let me know cause i realllllly want to go to that one and its not too too far from me!
  13. The store name is TOD's. Check their stores here Outlet Bound Search Outlets
    I like Fendi more, they had so many wonderful things last time I went there! :love:
  14. ohhh thank you lucywife!!!!!!!!

    i gueess the website for woodbury never updates
    Woodbury Common Premium Outlets

    cause it doesnt have tods listed i wonder why! :smile: thanks!!!!!!!!
  15. You're very welcome :yes: