Going to Woodbury Commons tomorrow ...

  1. Has anyone been there lately? Is there anything worth checking out?
  2. I havent been there in a while...Check out the Theory outlet..Im dying to go there..there stuff is really current.
  3. The Chanel outlet should be worth checking out since its the only one! I hope you find something nice there, Kat!
  4. Do tell us what you find there! I've wanted to go for sometime now but it's just too far a drive for BF.
  5. Oooh I can't wait until you post your findings ! I'm planning on going early August so I need some tips on how to budget my time. :biggrin:
  6. if you meant tomorrow as in tuesday i may pass you there! im thinking about a longchamp olive coloured bag.. and need more pac sun tees!!
  7. ooh, that sounds like fun. I was there last Fall and found some great stuff. I didn't see anything in the Chanel store thou.
  8. First thing, go to Chelsea Premium Outlets website (http://www.premiumoutlets.com/outlets/outlet.asp?id=7) and sign up for their VIP program (it's free). Then, print out a page for a free coupon book. Hand that in at the Information booth for a free book that can save you hundreds (or tens) of bucks, depending what you buy. There are also great coupons on the site (different from the book), depending on the sales running at the moment. My friends always laugh at me when I go since I'm always so prepared, but we all end up saving lots of money. Of course theres a list of brands and a map on the website to fully prepare you before you go.

    The great thing is if you park by the information bulding (it has a steeple, you can't miss it), all the great designer stores are right in that section. The parking markers are purple (I always park in 36. Creature of habit) Grab a map at the Info booth as well.

    Neiman Marcus LASTCALL and Saks Off Fifth are great for designer shoes, and they are usually less than the individual brand outlets. Chanel, Gucci, Bottega, Prada (Space) are hit or miss for both shoes and bags, but you can find some great deals. Ferragamo usually has lots of bags. Both the Pucci (shared with Celine) and Etro stores have great bargains. They have tons of standards (scarves, umbrellas, wallets, bags, coats) at Burberry, and you can't miss Barneys. Both the Coach and Tod's outlets are very large and stocked with tons of great stuff at ok prices, but no real steals. The Armani outlet is surprisingly good for suits and other clothing.

    Bring your credit cards and have a ball!!!!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  9. Oops! I was so excited about Woodbury that I posted as though you had never been there before. Sorry! Now that I reread the thread, you never specified. Sorry if you're as addicted to the palace as I am!!
  10. Thanks for the feedback, Cso6! I live in Westchester County so I'm only about 40 minutes from Woodbury Commons. I do go there quite a bit but haven't been there lately. I just got back a little while ago. Chanel had costume jewelry, wallets, clothes, scarves, and some bags. Most of the bags were small. I did notice they had the camera bag in black and clear. I think that's what they call it. I bought a nice blouse in Etro. It was originally $155, and I got it for half price. I also bought two pairs of shoes from Jones New York, and a blouse from Ann Taylor's. Dior had bags, clothes, jewelry. Emilior Pucci had beautiful shoes, bags, swimwear, clothes. Ferragamo had bags, wallets, shoes. Off Fifth had clothes, jewelry, shoes, bags, and GREAT sunglasses. I almost bought a pair of Gucci's for $69.99, but I resisted. In sunglasses they had Gucci, Versace, Judith Leiber, Ralph Lauren, YSL, Valentino, and lots more. Great deals on them too! They also had all kinds of great jeans if you're into jeans. Bottega Veneta had some bags, wallets. Versace had great clothes. Longchamp had tons of bags and wallets. You have to go pretty often to Woodbury Commons because it really is hit or miss.
  11. oh man i should have went today, but my allegeries are KILLING me..
  12. Congrats on your purchases! How was the Gucci outlet, did you go there? I thought maybe they'd have the summer sale stock that was taken off of the online site.

    I love the sunglasses at Off Fifth! They really do have an amazing selection at great prices; I had forgotten!
  13. i have never been there and am dying to go.let us know what follows you home.
    i am sure you will have a blast.
  14. I did go in to Gucci. They had a lot of wallets, jewelry, some bags, clothes. I almost bought a bag there for five-hundred-something. It was all leather, was in the shape of the Jackie bag, but was a gorgeous magenta color. The leather was embossed with the "GG." I think they call it guccissma or something like that.:shame: They also had that bag in a beautiful green leather too!
  15. ^ where else did you go? was it worth the trip?