Going to (western) Europe in 2 weeks!!! suggestions please!

  1. Hi everyone,
    I'm going on a 1-week roadtrip to eastern Canada in a couple days..then I'll be back for one day before I'm off to Europe!! :yahoo:I'm soo excited.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for these cities? Like where to eat, what things to do, best places to shop ;) and any additional tips. We're actually not staying in each city for too long..only about a day or two at each.

    Italy - Rome, Vatican City, Florence, Venice, Verona
    Austria - Innsbruck
    Germany - Neuschwanstein
    Switzerland - Lucerne, Mt. Titlis
    France - Dijon, Paris
    Belgium - Brussels
    Netherlands - Amsterdam

    I know Louis Vuitton is the cheapest in France so I'm planning to buy a bag there, or Italy because we're going there first hahah.
    and my mom wants a Gucci or Prada bag..does anyone know if they'll be cheaper in Italy? since that's where they're from.