Going to visit Toronto Hermes on Bloor!

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  1. Hello all,
    I am soo excited that I can't sleep. I am going to visit the Hermes boutique in Toronto to tommorrow and try on some bags!
    The SA I spoke to was incredibly nice and made me feel comfortable. Although I am not ready to buy my dream bag, I am hoping to leave with a little little something to help me get through the wait! What do you think I should get??
  2. Depending upon budget, you can start off slowly with a pocket scarf to wrap around an existing bag that you own. I also love their enamel bracelets. They are fun. Their small leather accessories are fantastic too, but if I only have $600 or less to spend, I would rather get a large and smaller scarf. If you are looking to get your first bag, but not spend too much money, how about an evelyne or picotin? I could go on and on...blankets, china, shoes! Enjoy your shopping!!
  3. Hmm.. Can't wait to see what you get :nuts:

    hermesmonkey, thanks for the suggestions to us H newbies :nuts:
  4. I was there last week and the SA I talked to was very nice. I would suggest a scarf and/or some leather accessory. If you are looking for something "smaller" they had very nice keyrings and pochettes. Enjoy your shopping and please let us know what you got!
  5. carmen key chain...i am so into these right now. i love the way it feels!

    good luck and have a fantastic time!
    your first visit will always be special...

    oh, and try to score some fragrance samples, if you can....:P
  6. Thanks guys!
    I wish this day would go by faster!
  7. Have Fun! I can't wait to see you buy!
  8. I don´t have a carmen key chain but a carmencita, which is basically the same thing but for an agenda and I have to agree, it feels sooo good, so soft:love:

    My suggestion always for a first H purchase is however a scarf:heart: Have fun!!
  9. Have a wonderful trip. The staff at the Toronto store are friendly and fantastic!
  10. ITA!

    I was just there 2 days ago. There is a stunning vert anis 32 sellier PH *chevre* Kelly, and a clemence 37 GH bolide there that are both just lovely, and get my vote!

    I can't wait to see what you get!!
  11. Please be sure to post pictures of what you end up getting - I'm sure you'll have a blast!
  12. p.s. didn't see the part of wanting a "little" something for your first trip...

    They had a LAGON TPM Ulysse. Lagon is *so cool* in small accessories. You could dress it up with a TPM carmencita page marker, in a different colour, and you'd have a mini rainbow right there!
  13. I've only been in once, and it's really nice. I think a scarf or a wallet is a good choice. Enjoy!
  14. Wow! Is there a TPM carmencita page marker?! I thought it was available only for the PM and GM Ulysse! I definitely would like to have a "mini rainbow"!!!!!
  15. ^^^ Yes they had a few in a couple of weeks ago!