Going to Vienna on Thursday!! Where to eat? What to see?

  1. Hi everybody,

    I finally got Bart to let me go to Vienna with him on Thursday :biggrin: I will be also going with my mom, so I won't totaly be alone. We're still looking around at hotels, but we may be staying in the Schlosshotel Wilhelminenberg or at the Best Western Harmonie since mom and I are on a budget and I won't want to stay at the hotel B is staying at (way out of the city)...so!

    Since we're on a budget, we need some recommendations for places to eat! I've never been to Austria and my mom hasn't been since she was a teenager (She's 44 now). We'd like to do something along the lines of Rachel Ray's $40 / day...but after looking on her website, it looks like she has never been to Vienna :smile:

    Any places that we must eat at? Any must see attractions? I plan on getting a book from the Vienna tourist center and have already found a few things online...I'm asking more for hole-in-the-wall things :smile:

    Mom and I will be traveling in our own car since Bart's car will be full with boxes and machines that he needs for the convention he's going to...So getting around won't be an issue, but we'd like to go somewhere that doesn't require us to go too far out of town or somewhere that we can use public transportation or our feet to get to.
  2. *Jealous* You must take lots o pictures for us!! Have fun!!
  3. Thank you! I definitely will :biggrin: I'm cleaning out my memory card now, lol
  4. Oooh wishing you lots of fun and a safe trip! :yahoo:
  5. Ok, I really don't have many recommendations pertaining to food... but, if you like art, the Galerie Belvedere (I think that's what it was!) had all the Gustav Klimt works and that was really great to go through. Also, we went to the opera which was fun, if you like that stuff.

    For food on a budget, maybe check out a Lets Go travel guide that has Vienna in it. My book is at home (at work now) and that's what we used when we were there. Since it is geared toward students it is budget conscious. The only food I remember was the sacher torte, because everyone told us we had to try it... personally, thought it was just OK, but lots of people seem to rave about it!

    Definitely bring warm clothes! When I was there it was in March and it was rather cold... actually, a lot of my pictures are pretty funny with how bundled up we are!

    Oh, and just walking around there were some cute little Easter markets when we went, with food stands, painted easter eggs, entertainment. Sort of fun to stumble across.
  6. has been a while that I went to Vienna (great place, one of my fav european cities) - but I remember that it was easy to find not expensive places to eat. there is this famous cafe all students go to (something poetry related... ah I cant remember) and I think food was quite cheap then.

    as for sightseeing - just going around Vienna is a lot - it is so beautiful. also there are the two museums, history & natural history, very nice. oh, and the klimt collection is a must. I would still take a day just getting around Vienna and seeing the city.

    have fun and have a safe trip
  7. hey!
    depending on what kinda food you like i think i can recommend a few places.
    i live in vienna so if you need any tips, feel free to pm me.
  8. I LOVE Vienna!!

    Go to the museums, like the natural history and the art museums. Also go to the Imperial Palace.

    I had the time of my life shopping in the first district, where the cathedral is.

    Take the train around the Ringstrasse. All the amazing buildings are built around it.

    There are so many things to discover there, just wander around. Pay close attention to the architecture.

  9. Do a search on Vienna, someone posted a thread back in December about travel there and there were a lot of good hints!
  10. When I go to Vienna, I stay at the Hotel Wandl.

    Hotel Wandl - Vienna

    Very nice and quite reasonably priced. Their breakfast buffet is lavish. Right in the middle of town and close to the best shopping in Vienna. A few blocks from an underground station.

    Try to catch a performance at the opera house. It is SOOOO beautiful. The ticket prices are surprisingly affordable. I usually time my visits to Vienna to catch a ballet performance there.

    Don't miss the Osterricches museum (I've probably butchered the spelling - sorry) and both museums at the Palace Belvedere. One Belvedere museum is filled with Impressionist paintings including many by Klimt. The Os~ museum is huge with a magnificent collection. Enjoy art for a few hours. Have lunch and dive back into the collections. Do again the next day.

    I also love the music museum. If you get the audio wand, you can hear beautiful passes of music featuring the instrument you are admiring. The instrument will have a number displayed near it. That is number to press on the wand. You won't hear just a few notes. You will hear a gorgeous long passage. It is a small museum but I always spend hours there.

    Museum stores are great sources of little gifts for friends.

    Buy a garment for your hubby. I think the world's most beautiful men's clothes are sold in Vienna. (Paris for women, of course!)

    Since you are pregnant, you probably become nauseous around cigarette smoke. The cafes at the museums tend to be smoke free because smoke damages art. I hate cig smoke so I have my main meals at museums.

    A large breakfast at Wandl and a late lunch at a museum means a low daily food bill (in a city known for expensive food). Since you are pregnant, you will need frequent snacks. You can buy milk, fruit, and cheese at the deli/grocery store.

    I think Viennese pastries are overrated. (I vastly prefer French cakes.) So just buy chocolates at the deli instead. Chocolates are higher in quality than the pastries.

    I wish I were there! Bon voyage!

  11. VERY true!

    When my legs are tired of walking and standing, I like to take the trolley that circles the Ring.

    Once you take it one way. Then take it the other direction.
  12. Fun fun fun!!! I have no recs as I've never been but be sure to take lots of pictures! And splurge a little. :smile: You deserve it!
  13. Thanks everyone! We booked our hotel last night after going through about 20 of them that were all booked up! Grrrr. Anyway, we are staying at the BW Harmonie which is in the Convention area, which is nice since it's close to an U-Bahn and Bart :smile: It's also got good reviews on Trip Advisor, so I'm pretty confident that it's a nice hotel. I've never had a problem with a best western anyway.

    I could hardly sleep last night from excitement! haha. Thanks for all the tips everybody, I'll be sure to check out some of those museums...I've got to charge up my laptop and I'll check out some things and prices this afternoon. I'd also like to do one of those bus tours. We did one when we were in Leipzig in May and it was very nice. We didn't have to walk around, we were let off at all the stops and had adequate time to look at everything :smile:

    Prof, the smoke is one thing I'm worried about too. I live in Germany and already avoid restaurants here since hardly any of them (in my area at least) have non-smoking areas. The smoke doesn't really bother me, other than I hate stinking, but I'm just worried about the effects on the baby. They brought a thing on TV here recently about how many chemicals are in the air in smoking restaurants and it was DISGUSTING!! It was something along the lines of 30mg of Nicotine and a bunch of other deadly chemicals. Ugh. I can't wait until these people get it through their heads that it's unhealthy to smoke and to subject people who don't to their dangerous habit. ...sorry, that topic kind of upsets me a bit, lol. I guess I'm used to the luxuries of the US :p

    Anyway, thank you again everybody!

    Going to charge up the camera today and check the monetary funds to see what I can't and can buy. Hmmmm, maybe I'll take a little trip to LV? How in the world could I justify a new bag? ...I'll just say it's for the baby :biggrin:
  14. Hey everybody!!

    We're back home from Vienna...after one short day, haha :smile:

    We headed back home yesterday after my mom fell ill with the stomach flu...Pretty much everybody in my family has had it (except for me - knock on wood!) and the stomach bug just decided to show up on my mom when we were there our first day. Grrrr.

    We left on Thursday morning at 6:45am and drove behind Bart and his work colleague the whole day. His whole car was stuffed with papers, boxes and different machines that he was lucky he could even fit his work colleague in there, hah. It took us around 5.5 hours to get down there. We took a few breaks at different rest stops on the way to pee and stuff..had we not I'm sure it would have taken us only 5 hours.

    Getting around Vienna is nearly impossible without a navigation system. My Golf doesn't have one, but B's BMW does. There are nothing but 1 way streets there and the people drive like idiots! We nearly got into an accident once when somebody decided they were in the wrong lane and cut across 4 lanes so she wouldn't miss her turn. Grrr! Either way, after about 45 minutes of driving around in downtown Vienna, we finally found our hotel. When I first saw the sign for the Best Western (it was attached to a building) I nearly flipped out because it was this old decreped looking brown building with grafiti and dirty windows...But then when we turned onto the street, we saw the hotel and it was very nice and clean. Whew! So we checked in and everything and then Bart went with his work colleague to their hotel near the Convention Center so they could drop off their bags and then head to the Convention center to set up their stand for the next day. He said he would call when they were finished so we could meet up to go eat.

    Mom and I got into our hotel room, hung up our clothes in the closet and then headed out for the city! We asked the Concierge (sp??) what would be the easiest way to get to the Stephan's Cathedral. He told us where the bus station was, and mom and I headed out. It was raining so the walking wasn't very nice, but thank goodness it wasn't a downpour! We hopped on the bus and asked the bust driver which stop was the one we wanted to get off on, and he was so rude!! God forbid you look up from your magazine so you could assist some tourists! Anyway...We pretty much found the rudeness to be a pattern with anybody who works int he public transportation system. Anyway, we finally got to the Cathedral and walked around for a bit.

    We visited the Cathedral, which was very very nice. I'll put pictures behind the cut. Anyway...After the Cathedral we just started walking around. We found the street with all the luxury shops! Wheeee :biggrin: I went into Hermes and fondled a lovely Kelly and saw the Birkin...I wasn't too impressed :\\ Anyway...From Hermes we headed on down the street and went into Zara, Furla, and various other stores. I also popped into Louis Vuitton to ask about getting rid of a small mark on my Ludlow and the guy got it right off for me :biggrin: That's what I call service! I also checked out the new things that they had...Still not loving the Azur line and I think the Pomme d'Amour (is that what it's called??) is too dark for my taste. I saw a pair of Vuitton shoes on Yvonne Catterfeld (a german singer) a few weeks ago and they looked so incredibly uncomfortable...I saw them in the store and tried them on, and came to the conclusion that stars must be stupid to wear such uncomfortable shoes, lol. Anyway, the SA that was working with me noticed that I was pregnant (had a big winter coat on, it was chilly!) and started showing me bags that could be used as babybags, haha. I told him that I wasn't able to buy anything today, but he was still very nice to me and showed them to me anyway. I saw a few things I liked, but I would have to save up for like....a year to afford them, haha! Anyway. We also popped into Burberry and received the worst service EVER! I wasn't dressed up or anything...had jeans on and a sweater and a big winter coat and my Kangaroo shoes...I didn't look like a bum, but I didn't look great either. Anyway, the lady was so rude. She didn't even say hello to us when we walked in, didn't offer to help us when I was looking at baby bags and when I walked to the counter with a scarf and a baby bag (ready to buy!!) she didn't come to help us for about 5 minutes. When she finally came she didn't say a word about anything...So after she was finished ringing them up I pretty much said "You know...I think I changed my mind. I don't really need these things and quite honestly, I would rather go to your compeditors and get better customer service than buy something from you" and walked out. My mom looked kind of surprised that I told her off...But seriously. If I'm ready to lay down nearly 600 EUR in a store, I NEED TO FEEL A BIT OF CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!

    So...we left. We went to Demel and looked around there and bought a Chocolate Chicken for my aunt Kathy (who lives in VA) that I will send her for Easter. Demel has some very nice things, but they are crazy expensive. The Chicken that I bought her cost around 18 Eur, lol...But it is very cute! She likes Chickens anyway :smile: Check out the website, they've got an interesting history.

    Anyway, after that we walked around and find the Spanish Riding School, where they teach their students how to ride those famous horse (Lipizaner) that dance. We didn't get a chance to go in the museum since it was closed. The Spanish Riding School is right next to the Imperial Apartments which were also very beautiful. Again, we didn't have a chance to go in because it was closed, but I was glad to be able to see it. After that we headed back to our hotel and rested for a bit. Bart and Philip weren't finished building their stuff until nearly 8:30...By that time mom and I were both incredibly hungry. We headed back to the Stephan's Cathedral to meet the both of them. We went to dinner and that's when my mom started getting sick. It was hot in the restaurant and we had a to wait a bit to eat. When we finally did, we didn't eat much since it was so late. My mom got sick in the restaurant...so we decided to pay and head back home. The night was okay for her, but she got sick again yesterday morning and we decided that we would just head home because we didn't know how she would be feeling...and I would much rather her be sick at home than in a hotel far far away :sad: So...we drove home.

    Here is a gallery of the pictures we took:

    Trip to Vienna
  15. I am really sorry, that your mother and you experienced some rude people in Vienna and didn't get the treatment you deserve! :sad:
    Not all Austrians are like that...

    I hope you'll enjoy your next stay in Austria better! :yes: