Going to Vienna - advice wanted

  1. I´m going to Vienna in August with a friend of mine and I have a few questions. I thought that maybe someone here can help me as I´m sure that pf has members from Austria :smile:

    1) It´s going to be a public holiday on 15.8. Are any restaurants open?

    2) Shops worth checking out - something affordable and suitable for twenty-somethings (eg. Zara, Mango style)

    3) I want to buy a bag for myself (probably pochette size, budget max. 600 euros). I´m still undeciced on brand and this will be my first boutique purchase so recommend the best store with nice SA´s :smile:
  2. yes, the restaurants are open on the 15th.
    i live in vienna, so if you need any infos. just pm me.
    i know a lot of stores, let me know whats your style or what kind of brands you like and i'll help you out.
  3. i lived in vienna for years. most of the popular shops(zara, mango, h&m, etc) are on mariahilfer strasse and the kärntner strasse (check out steffl, a great department store). most of
    the high-end boutiques are all in the little streets in the 1st district, around the graben and the kärntner strasse.
  4. *JJ* and Sputnik, thank you :smile:
  5. Vienna is lovely and we are planning on going back at the end of September. Based on my first time in Vienna, don't head to Burberry...I got the worst service there, and I don't think I'd ever go back. LV is great! :biggrin:
  6. My advice for Vienna shopping and nice SAs: Don't shop in the evening and on Saturday. The best shopping time is about 10-12 o'clock. Then everybody is friendly and the shops are not crowded. I don't like Mariahilfer Street and Kärntner Street, cause it is fully packed with people all day. For 20something cool outfits you need to go in the 7th district north from Mariahilferstrasse, there are lots of small boutiques in Neustiftgasse, Neubaugasse, ... like PARK (I love that store), beagoodgirl, Make up Forever
    If you need something special - go ahead and ask!
  7. i definitely recommend mango, zara and h&m.

    yes, now are holidays and the city is crowded. IMO it's still worth visiting and shopping in the first district.

    i also like peek & cloppenburg on the maria-hilfer-straße.