Going to Venice. What is the most iconic BV bag?

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  1. Hi BV ladies, I am a total newbie at BV, but I am heading to Venice in a few weeks' and I believe that is where the "mothership" is. If I were to buy only one BV bag, which is the most iconic style I should get? I love colours, so would welcome suggestions in purple, burgundy, navy... but not black/brown/white. Thanks! :flowers:
  2. Welcome Roxane to the BV board. I would say the Veneta, Cabat and the Knot clutch as the most iconic of BV. And the colours of black/brown/white are most classic. Do a search and you should be able to find plenty of pics of those around here. Looking at the range of colours you prefer, I would say you might want to go for a Carmine Veneta, which is a red woven hobo. Carmine is the latest for this fall/winter season. This season there's no purple or navy. Have a good trip and do remember to post your purchase with photos.
  3. Hi, Roxane! ms piggy's suggestions are right on. Venice is the home of BV. For regular size bags, the most iconic IMO are the Veneta, first, and then the Cabat. You can't go wrong with any of the woven pieces, though. They will stand the test of time.

    Have a wonderful trip!
  4. The Veneta to me is the most classic one - it's the woven one that's in my siggy pic. It comes in a variety of seasonal colors plus the staple neutrals every season.
  5. The Ebano Veneta - this is the one I want!!!
  6. I agree that the veneta is the "classic" Bottega bag. However, I feel if you could only have one bag that represents BV, I would go with the cabat. It is extremely simple in design but showcases the extraordinary craftmanship involved in making this bag. If you really want a challenge, try finding the cabat in ottone (antiqued gold) which was a limited edition color and getting harder to find. If you are looking for purple/burgandy, the cabat was made in old petra which is an interesting dusty mauve color. Good luck, and show us what you buy!!
  7. I'll be in Italy next Spring . . . are the prices better there?
    We'll start in Venice again this time, what a magical place!
  8. Ms piggy, you are spot on again.
    cannot go wrong with any of the options you have proposed! :smile:
  9. Definitely snag a veneta. have a blast in venice!
  10. I agree with the above suggestions of a veneta or cabat. I would get ebano since I don't think that many other designers do such a wonderful dark brown. Enjoy Venice!
  11. I love the cabat...in theory. I have tried to talk myself into purchasing it...but it sits funky under my arm...and I don't want to hand carry it. I would purchase something that is easy to carry. And, I would try to find what I love, not what is the most recognizable as BV. Have a great trip.
  12. Wow, I believe ms piggy could not have put it any better. Tan (Noce) is also a great color! I like it because 1) it's a classic too 2) the lighter (yet still neutral) color allows you to really "see" the fabric of the bag from afar, unlike many of the darker ones like Ebano and Noce.
  13. What a great trip, Swanky! I'd love to go back. We've discussed this before--are BV prices better in Italy. Because of the Euro, all the prices in Europe would be the same, I assume. The huge advantage you'll have in Italy for most any designer purse is the larger selection of styles and colors there.:drool: I know we don't get to see all the BV's in the US that Europe and Asia see.

    If you come back with some new bags, we want to see pics!:yes:
  14. Thanks Boxermom! Maybe that'll be my way into BV. I've wanted one for so long, it'd be a perfect souvenir!
  15. Swanky, I hope you come back with a BV from its home country Italy. We look forward to you being inducted into the hall of BV bags! :woohoo: