going to VEGAS!!

  1. LOL...so we're leaving for vegas this friday and i am sooo excited! i seriously hope i don't get in too much trouble at the LV boutiques...LOL...i am hoping they'd have a gold miroir cosmetic case, but i called the other day and they've all been sold out...:sad: i really hope i don't find anything i like (that would be hard) since i am saving my funds for some s/s items!!
  2. You never know!! I live in Vegas and walked in the Fashion Show Mall LV.....there was a pomme heart hanging on a bag!! Who would've thought?!
  3. good lukc and hope u hit jackpot and buy lots of LV...:tup::yes:
  4. woohoo!! thanks guys! i hope i just find something "small"... :p then i can save the rest for the s/s collection!
  5. oooh can I go too? LOL!

    Have fun, have a safe trip and good luck!
  6. LOL! i'm sure you can fit in my luggage, i'm bringing a HUGE one! LOL...
  7. Yay! Lucky you, hope you have lots of fun :smile:
  8. How about an MC Berlingot.:tup:
  9. I want to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have so much fun! Vegas is AWESOME!
  10. ooohh!! that is the cutest little thing! i carry so much crap with me though that it would be pointless to have own...nonetheless, i LOVE it!

  11. thanks everyone! i'll keep you guys updated if i end up buying something... :sweatdrop: it is valentine's on thursday and birthday is at the end of the month.. :graucho:
  12. Ugh, I'm so envious. I want to go to Vegas so bad!! HAve fun =)
  13. ^then you'd better get something for sure! LOL!
  14. Have a great time! I'm jealous, I love Vegas (gonna try to go in April...)
  15. Lucky you! Good luck with the LV shopping!