Going to Vegas, what bag to use?

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    Had been going through my closet and looking for the right bag to bring to vegas.. I am only there for three days and I am definitely going to the H store (first time I am setting foot inside an H store) and I need help.. I don't know which bag to bring with me.... here are my options: 32 cm blue denim Kelly, 28 cm black box plume, 31 cm rouge H bolide, vespa trim, red Ferragamo tote, or taupe Chloe Edith... it is my first time to visit and I hope to keep coming back to the store and get on the list for a birkin (don't have a sales associate to help me get on the list so this is my first opportunity to be introduced I guess).. so if you had a choice, which one is the best choice and why?

    thanks so much....
  2. Hmm...blux I say bring none and bring home a new Kelly!!
    Wasn't there a gold kelly 25 or 28 in vegas Hermes? Bring her home!!!
  3. heheh Yorelica.. I got two Kelly's already and no birkin yet so I have my eyes set on a birkin for now.. maybe a massai if I see any that I truly want... I don't think bf will be too happy to see me bring home a Kelly.. lol..
  4. Kelly or vespa trim would be good, because you could carry them on your shoulder. You want to be able to keep your hands free, so don't recommend Edith--too bulky for all the walking and shopping.
  5. thanks Jehaga.. didn't think of that initially.. hmm.... very true... could be on my shoulder...... in terms though of going to the H store.... what about that?
  6. I say the only bag you need is the Rouge 31 Bolide. You can use the shoulder strap when walking or in the casino, and carry it handheld when shopping/at Hermes/dinner/a show - it works perfectly as a day-into evening bag.
  7. I vote for the Rouge H Bolide 31 for the same reasons GT stated, bluxcape! Classic H bag in the classic H shade! Have fun in Vegas!
  8. Bolide here! When did you get that?? I don't remember lol..........sound gorgeous!
  9. I say Bolide...then you can start a conversation about wanting a Birkin...
  10. I also think the Bolide is a wonderful bag to bring to Vegas. LOVE the color too!
  11. seems like the Bolide is winning... should I match it with my framboise bearn? I really want them to take me seriously but at the same time, if i get asked where I got them... I got them all from resellers so hmmm..... wouldn't want to lie but I haven't been to an H store yet so..........
  12. Kelly or bolide...birkin may be unlikely in LV unless you are very fortunate...but...another purchase may get you "on the list"... SA Sandra was very nice and approachable when our PF group visited...others swear by Josh...
  13. I always carry my Kelly because of the strap. It makes shopping and gambling sooo much easier! :shame:
  14. thanks ladies for the vote and the advice.. I guess I am just gonna bring the bolide.. I am just too afraid that the smoke will ruin her... oh well, I guess I can bring a small messenger bag so that when I go to the casino, I wouldn't care much if it has smell of smoke all over..

    thanks again to all who responded..
  15. I vote for the kelly!!! Enjoy your trip!!