Going to Vegas soon, is Balenciaga available there?

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    Going on an early Spring trip to Vegas in March--If I win big, I want to be able to get my hands on a Balenciaga while I am there. Where should I look?
  2. I go to Vegas a lot and to be honest your best bet would be to call the Neiman Marcus at the Fashion Show Mall and see if they stock them. The shopping in Vegas is grand - but, there is not a Balenciaga boutique; so, your best bet is the Neimans.

    For goodness sakes the Saks 5th at Fashion Show mall sells Louis Vuitton, to me here in Colorado that is huge; since as the SA at our Saks here told me, "we are a B store, we do not get anything better than a Foley's" (well, she jests a little, because I have never seen Chanel at Foley's and at least we have that here at Saks.)

    Good luck and have fun...:smile:
  3. There is no Balenciaga store as I remember, but I think that there may be a little boutique in the Caesar Forum shops that stocks it. Last time I went, I recall seeing paddingtons, be&d, marc jacobs, and the like, so my reasoning is that they may carry it. Unfortunately I don't remember the name, maybe you'll run across it if you shop there?
  4. Corsa Collection is the nice store in the Forum Shops. It's right across from Spago and the fountain.
  5. I never see them selling Balenciaga bags in Vegas but maybe if you look harder... Good luck and share the wealth!
  6. Remember to double down on 11!!! Have fun!!!
  7. There are a couple of places where I've seen Balenciaga bags in the Fashion Show Mall. One is a local boutique called Talulah G. It's near Zara, or down that wing of the mall on the 1st level.

    I think Still, which is mostly a denim boutique, also carries some. They are upstairs, a few doors down from Coach.

    Then I'd try Corsa Collections, in Caesar's, but I don't remember seeing them there. Maybe try calling first.

    Enjoy your trip. We have pretty nice weather here in March :smile:
  8. Talulah G.
  9. Even if you don't win - go to the Caesar's Forum shops!! One of the best, most comprehensive shopping venue's in the WORLD!!!!
  10. Talulah G no longer carries B bags here in Vegas. The only store you can get B is in Neiman Marcus. I was there last night...they only had the denim and pony bags in stock. To be quite honest, NM in Vegas is pretty worthless. I live in Vegas and I get all of my bags elsewhere. Corsa Collections is wonderful....they don't sell B, but they carry Chloe, Be & D, Marc Jacobs to name a few.
  11. Thanks so much for the info ladies, I will let you know what I end up with!!!

  12. Hey girlsgottoshop! Another Vegas local :smile:. I'm sure you're right. Talulah G. is very "what's IT right now" with what they carry. And the Balenciagas are not THE it bags anymore. I live close to the one in Boca Park and that's the one I've been in most recently, so it's been a while since I saw the Balenciagas in the Fashion Show store. I actually like the NM as far as the SAs not being snobby as they are in other NMs by so many reports. But I usually end up just browsing there, and then buying from them online during sales. During the sales in the store, the bags just look so picked over... I love going in Corsa Collections too, but I find they add extra mark-ups to certain things for the tourists.
  13. Hi Jaffa,
    I live at The Lakes....near Boca Park, too. :smile: Neither Talulah carries B anymore. The one at Fashion Show does have more merchandise though. That's interesting to know about Corsa Collections. Sometimes it's hard to get good bags here....a lot of tourists occupy the waitlists. I've learned to go elsewhere!
  14. Hey, you're practically my neighbor, I'm in Peccole Ranch. :smile: