Going to the Tulalip outlet!

  1. Yay, I'm finally going to visit a Coach outlet! I'll be hitting the Tulalip, WA outlet (just north of Seattle) tomorrow, and also possibly the one in Burlington. If anyone wants me to keep an eye out for anything while I'm there, let me know.

    I can't wait. I'm going with a friend who I've just got into Coach, so we should have a great time. Plus, we get to go to Red Lobster for dinner:yahoo:I'm not sure which one I'm more excited about, :p .
  2. That's great Sialia (Both about Coach and Red Lobster - LOL)! Let us know about your trip and purchases when you get back. Enjoy!
  3. Aw, I'm jealous! Have a great time. They have some of the sweetest SA's at Tulalip! You'll have to let me know how the Burlington one is. I've driven by it, but never stopped (was with the in-laws).
  4. Thanks, pompilit and KrystyAnn! I'll let you know how it goes.
  5. Have fun. Remember, if you see something you like, hold it as you walk around the floor (if there are only a few of that item). Then put it back if you decide against it.
  6. if you happen to see any legacy stripe goodies, fun charms & keychains... :p AND metallic skinnies..

  7. Thats what I do! I have found stuff not sure if I want to get it and have been followed around by folks waiting for me to put it down.
    Anyway, to the original poster, have fun and post your goodies later!
  8. Aarti! They had PILES of metallic skinnies (the gold or pink ones) at Tulalip. None at Burlington, though. I think they were about $24 with an additional 20% off. The ones that look like this wristlet, but mini-skinny size:
    Untitled Page

    There were no Legacy stripe things, but at Burlington there were three white leather Legacy top handle pouches, and a white leather Ali. The Ali was $449, no extra discount. It was beautiful and in good shape. I tried it on but I realized quickly that it was way too big for me. It made me love my shoulder bag even more.

    As for charms/keychains, both outlets had all of last year's initials, happy faces, and moons for $15, lots of various pave keychains (snowflakes, butterflies), tons of picture frame fobs in pink or gold lurex, various signature colours (red, brown, black), beagles, and the little enamel gallery totes or satchels. All of the keyfobs were about $24, with an extra 20% off, I think. At Tulalip, they also had a huge jar full of the pink mink puffball keyfob things but I didn't see for how much. At Burlington, they had some bumblebee keyfobs (I got one!).

    Oops, my son just woke up so I'll post more later. Suffice it to say that I LOVED the outlets and can't believe I've never been before!

    ETA: Noshoepolish and handbaghelen - thanks for the advice! That's exactly what my friend and I did, and I noticed a lot of other people doing the same thing.
    oh canada...
  10. ^^^ Yeah! Since I've never been to the outlets before, I didn't know what they normally have and what was unusual. Anyway, both outlets were in Washington State. I don't think we have any in Canada at all. But even with exchange, state/county tax, and gas for the drive (2-2.5 hours), it was STILL cheaper than the full-price stores in Vancouver. :yahoo: . I can't wait to post what I got...the main thing was something that I've wanted for a year now but just couldn't afford at full-price. Teeheehee. It'll be a surprise since I don't have time to post pics right now.
  11. Siala! You are making me want to get in the car right now and go! But its 4 hours away, darn it! We have one closer (about 1.5-2 hours) but it's a bit smaller. The Washington ones aren't THAT far apart, so if one doesn't have what you want, you can go check the other one too. Plus Oregonians don't have to pay tax in Washington either. Oregon needs another outlet. Woodburn would be perfect for it!

    Anyways, thanks for the update. I can't wait to see what you got!
  12. So here are my new babies...

    Hamptons pebbled leather business tote in dark brown (mahogany?):

    Hamptons business tote.jpg

    Hamptons leather swingpack (black/silver), bumblebee keyfob, "J" charm (for my son), Hamptons signature mini wallet (khaki/gold, to go with my Graphic sig khaki/gold swingpack from last summer!), and the business tote:

    Outlet collection.jpg

    I've been wanting the business tote since I first saw it a year ago. I knew I wanted a brown leather version of it but in the full price stores in Vancouver it was $540! Plus 14% tax! So there was no way I could afford it but I was planning on getting it after I finish my thesis this summer, as a reward. I couldn't believe when I saw it at the outlet, in the exact colour and leather I wanted, for $329.99 AND an extra 20% off! Even with tax and exchange it was still about $200 cheaper than the full retail price here. Oh boy am I happy! :yahoo:

    They had lots of those Hamptons swingpacks, in black, red (gorgeous), tan, and white. They were $119 and 20% off. So that wasn't really any cheaper than buying one in Vancouver for me but I love that style and didn't see it at our stores. There were tons of other swingpacks, including the usual signature and pebbled leather ones, and some holiday patchwork ones. Also lots and lots of Soho duffles in various sizes and colours, mostly parchment, white, tan, blue, or dark brown. There was one suede fringed Legacy flap (I think that's what it was called) at Tulalip. Tons of the blue or khaki wave stuff, and also lots of the tan or white dot stuff. Lots of agendas in blue or black leather, or brown signature.

    The SAs at both outlets were wonderful. I liked the Burlington outlet more because it was less busy than Tulalip. Tulalip was CRAZY busy! The SAs at Burlington mentioned several times that only they have signature stuff, that Tulalip doesn't have any, and that the sales tax is only 8% there as opposed to 8.5% at Tulalip (different county tax rates or something?). The sig stuff at Burlington was almost entirely mini-sig, which I'm not a huge fan of.

    PS - KrystyAnn - you should go! I haven`t been before so I`m not sure what they normally have, but it sure seemed like they had a lot of stuff, and good prices. Almost everything was 20-30% off. I was prepared to be disappointed since I`ve wanted to go for so long but it was great!
  13. Sialia -

    Congrats on your new stuff! Sounds like you had alot of fun.

    Tulalip is always a madhouse. I was there on New Years Day and the line was almost out the door! Next time I'll plan to head up to Burlington, too.
  14. So glad for this post.. I will be asking a ton of questions sialia ....... I have to go..I've been to the Tulalip outlets but never to the coach store but to the burberry .ahhhhhhhhhhh now i really want 2 go
  15. I loved what you got! Nice haul!