Going to the store or buying online...which do you prefer?

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Which do you prefer?

  1. Store, that way I can show off my find ASAP!

  2. Online, then I can find the best deal for me!

  3. BOTH!!

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  1. Hello Everyone!
    I went to Newbury Street yesterday (in Boston, MA for anyone who doesn't know, it is like the best street EVER filled with all kinds of designer shops and cute boutiques, basically the shopping MECA of Massachusetts) I was going there to go try on an Anna Corinna City Tote and make sure I really loved it (which I do of course) ANYWAYS:

    I was wondering to myself why some people choose to shop online and why some people go to the acutal store. Is it because you can sometimes find better deals online? Do you not like the hassel of going to the store? Or do you prefer to walk out of a store clutching your new find or the thrill of not having to pay shipping?!

    I am going to go back to Luna Boston (where I tried on the bag) because I am so close to the city and then I don't have to wait for the bag or pay shipping. But I was wondering what everyone else thought!

    What do you do and why?! :confused1:
  2. thanks!
  3. I no longer try to buy online.
  4. I do my research on line but have learned from past experience that I need to touch the leather and see how it lays on my body ie. too wide, bulky, sits too low, etc. This means I then go to the store or department store and try on the bag. If it is still what I expected, it's a buy!
  5. I love both! I buy at the store and online!
  6. STORE. Its immediate and you get to see what it looks like live and in person.
  7. I prefer the store but sometimes it's just not possible. IMO it's more satisfying walking out of a boutique with a shopping bag than it is clicking the BIN. :lol:
  8. Store, that way I can show off my find ASAP!
  9. I'd love to buy a bag in a store, it would be wonderful to see it, feel it, have it wrapped and then to carry it out knowing that it's mine. Unfortunately, I live in a small Welsh village with just one bag store and it sells the kind of bags that I wouldn't be seen dead carrying!!! For that reason I do all my buying online.
  10. I usually buy online because I live in the middle of nowhere with no boutiques around!
  11. It's about 50/50.

    But to cut down on impulse buying online, I try to do alot of research.
    The bag reviews here really help.
  12. Store! But unfortunately majority of my bags had to be bought online, since none of the stores near me sells the brand I love (RM). And personally, I dont like waiting for more than a week for the bag to be processed, packed, and shipped, then delivered. The wait is painful :p
  13. I generally go to the store, try the bag and if I really want it I look online if I can buy a brand new one for less. If I find a good deal I buy online (but when it's an expansive bag I try to go to the store with the seller in order to authenticate and have it immediately)
  14. definitely the store, there is something very special about the smell and feel of a new bag and seeing it in person is just special