Going to the S.F. pomme launch party tonight (m)

  1. Is it usually dressy? What are they like? Do you just view bags? As you can tell I've never been to one, so I'm trying to figure out what it will be like?! :yes: Do you think they'll have the Dentelle line to purchase, since it's "supposed" to be launched tomorrow?

    I think I'll take my Sophie, she doesn't get out much, and this will be the perfect setting to show her off! :graucho:

    Thanks for any info you have on these type of parties!!
  2. Oh, have fun and wear something that makes you feel really pretty!
  3. Have fun!!
  4. The Sophie is perfect! Have fun!
  5. Sorry I have never been to one so I'm no help about what it's like. But, have lots of fun:yahoo:and report back to us:yes:.
  6. Have a blast! Post all about it when you get back!
  7. Have fun! Please update us on how it went! :smile:
  8. :nuts: Have fun! The Sophie is PERFECT! :nuts:
  9. Have fun!