Going to the Rodeo Drive LV tomorrow........

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  1. Wish me luck everyone!! And I will for sure post pics after I come back.............that is unless I go crazy and spend too much and DH kills me!! So you all will be my witness's. If I never come back to the forum, call the police and tell them there might have been a murder!!

  2. Ooh, can't wait to hear / see...!
  3. haha! you made my day! lol you're so cute!!! :biggrin: have fun!
  4. Have fun. I thought about breaking my ban and taking a drive down there this week but I'll stay strong. I'll shop vicariously through you and your pics!:smile:
  5. have fun!
  6. Sounds fun lol..can't wait to see what you get :graucho:
  7. You crack me up. Have fun and bring back something fab!
  8. lol... Have fun shopping. Let us know with pics what you bought!
  9. Have fun! and Can't wait to see what you get. ;)
  10. I know I am so excited!! I printed out my list, wrote down some SA's names that were recommended. Hopefully someone exciting (celebrity) will be in there when I'm in there. Taking my camera so maybe they will let me take some pics of the Look Book (damn tourists - hehe). Gotta make sure to make a stop at Tiffany & Co too.

    Hey Rebecca (lvbabydoll) where is that parking structure at, do you remember the streets it's on and how much it costs.......you mention it's valet.
  11. Oh your thread was funny! Oh I wonder what you gonna bring! loL! I can't wait to see! Have fun, you will love it!
  12. Have fun!
  13. I wanna go to Rodeo Drive one day... have fun! :biggrin:
  14. Have a good shopping:graucho:
  15. Have a blast!