Going to the outlets- question about ordering items?

  1. Tomorrow Im headed to my "local" outlet- Woodbury Commons. Ive heard some people mention that the studded gallery totes are now available at some of the outlets- but Im sure Woodbury wont have them since they (almost) never have anything signature and (almost) never have anything great. In the outlet thread some people had mentioned that you can order something from another outlet if you go to your outlet in person and want to purchase something that they dont carry or dont have in stock- is this so? Has anyone ever done this at Woodbury? Since they arent a signature outlet I wouldnt expect to find signature there- but does this mean I can still place an order for a signature item and they will have it shipped to me from another outlet (and I would get the outlet price)?? If so that would be amazing! TIA! :flowers:

  2. Yes, you're local Coach outlet should be able to locate the tote for you at another outlet. Just give them the tote's style number (11505) and your color preference. Once they locate the tote, they'll call the other outlet to confirm that they do indeed have one in your color preference. Afterwards, your local Coach outlet will fax over the order form with all of your credit card, contact/mailing, and billing information to the other outlet. They'll also advise you if there's going to be a shipping charge for the item. Just be sure to get a copy of the order form for your review and reference/records and don't forget to double check to ensure that all of the information listed is correct: tote's style number and color, purchase price (including all applicable discounts), credit card (number/exp. date/security code), your contact/mailing address, and billing info. Wishing you all the best in tracking down the chocolate tote.
  3. THANKS SO MUCH! I went today and I couldnt even BELIEVE IT- they had the bag!!! It was 207.99 plus tax. I was shocked since that outlet usually only has made for outlet type stuff. So excited! Thanks for the info- it will def be useful in the future!!
  4. Yay!! I'm glad to hear that you found the chocolate tote. Sometimes it's hit or miss with the two Coach outlets that I frequent. Usually, I find that they've already sold out of the signature or limited edition items that I'm interested in. Unless of course you're calling the outlet twice a week or so to check in on what new items they've received thus far.
  5. If they locate the item you want at another outlet will they still give you the price that is selling at their outlet and the additional discount that is advertised. For example, I want the magenta mini skinny and the outlet's around me is sold out and its selling for i believe 29.99 plus 20% off, will they be giving me that price if they locate another one at some outlet and order it for me or have it sent to their outlet if thats possible?
  6. Yes, the outlet item would be sold to you at the same price. Sometimes the items may have missed a markdown. Therefore, you always want your outlet to confirm the price of the item with the other outlet.
  7. Thanks Expy! Didn't know they do that!
  8. You're welcome, TnC. I hope that you find magenta mini skinny!
  9. Do any of the outlets have WEBSITES? I live in West Texas and there are NO outlets anywhere near here. Dillards is our only local Coach source and it is a smaller store and they do not carry much.
  10. I'm glad you found this, Woodbury has had such great finds lately. Congrats :tup: