Going to the outlet Friday!

  1. I'm so excited, especially since discovering Coach fans on this site.

    Initially I was thinking I would finally buy a tote that I would use to carry books to work and/or religious services..that's what I've been saying for the past few years.

    Alas, I don't want to buy a tote (unless I find one really cheap). I want to buy a purse, or some wristlets. I don't really need anything, but I have one condition: No BLACK anything.

    I can't remember if the store in Burch Run, MI sells signature items, I'll find out and be surprised.
  2. good luck on friday, i'm sure you'll find lots of good stuff there. i love the coach outlet near me, they have tons of stuff. and i'm w/ya on that one, i don't like black bags in general. last time i bought a black bag was in 98! i actually remember!
  3. good luck! dont forget to post pics when you get back from your haul!!!!
  4. No, I suck when it comes to color. I have at least 8 or 9 black purses, a very bad habit.

    I have to really think hard to buy something more colorful. I had the red duffle I'm carrying today for a year and a half before I broke it out.

    You guys give me incentive to branch out, your bags are so colorful.
  5. I'm the same when it come to colour. I tend to buy browns or blacks. I would love to add some colour.. I need to branch off.

    good luck at the outlet. make sure you post anything you buy
  6. Oooh, I can't wait to see what you get! I'm totally jealous-not in a bad jealous way though :p
  7. Good luck! Post pics worthy of the drool factor!
  8. Birch Run doesn't usually have much signature (the times I've been there anyway). I haven't been there since early December so I really don't know what the stock is like right now. I'm going to the West Branch outlet next Thursday. I'll report back what I find for everyone and if there are requests I can stop back on Saturday when I go home and pick them up.
  9. Have a great time finding something fun and colorful! Definitely post pics of whatever you get!
  10. tell me what they have in birch run, MI, it's an hour and a half away from me =) thanks!
  11. Good luck, try to find something colorful and springy.
  12. Good luck and have fun!!!
  13. Hi. I went to Birch Run last Sunday. They don't get Signature items unless they are returns. I asked the SA why and she said they are too close to Coach boutiques??!! Anyway we're trying the West Branch location this Sat. they supposedly carry lots of signature items. I did buy a Soho braided leather hobo bag (lrg) from Birch Run in winter white. It's cute. They had one soho stiched hobo in brown, but it was $400 still. They have afew cute things, but not as much as the south carolina outlet!!! I was really impressed and I wish I would've purchased more. I'll post what I find at West Branch and maybe some pictures if can!!!!!
  14. Good luck, I hope you score big!

  15. I'm going to West Branch next Thursday so please let us know what they have!! I usually have really good luck there and most of the sa's are really nice.