Going to the NO Boutique this morning

  1. Not that I don't have enough to do...but I decided to give myself the morning off to run down to New Orleans to shop for a new bag. I think I've narrowed it down to one of these two:



    and of course, I'm dreaming about this one still, but I already know that they don't have it in stock:

  2. Gorgeous all of them! I like the first one and the third one the best!! Let us know which you end up getting!!! :yes:
  3. I really :heart: the third one!!! The Color, the texture,WOW:nuts:
  4. Love the first one! Have fun shopping!!
  5. My vote goes for the first one! I've been looking at that one myself. I love the third bag, but I'm A-FRAID of S-UEDE! I can't give it the care it needs. Don't forget to post pics of what you get!
  6. i like the first and third one.........please do post pics.....cant wait to see them
  7. I have the first one!!!!! I LOVE it!!!! :heart:I've had it for a week now and its close to becoming my all time fave bag! I love it that much. I REALLY wanted the 3rd one but I know sig fabric will hold up better than all suede. Suede and I don't get along! GOOD CHOICES! Let me know if you have any questions about the shoulder flap. I know this bag like the back of my hand.;)
  8. First and third
  9. I like the first and third too!!
  10. I vote for first or third! I love the colour of the third but the first seems to go with everything. Either way, they are both beautiful styles.
  11. Well, I've come home empty handed. The feel the bags on my shoulder just wasn't right. I've scanned the Japanese website and found a few I like, so hopefully I can get them here eventually.

    I really want something in that chocolate signature (with the smaller C, not the huge C).


    I think the different strap treatment will work better for me.

    But all is not lost! I jumped online and ordered a few accessories, so when they arrive I'll post a picture.
  12. WHAT is the name of that first bag you just posted? Is it a Legacy hippie? I LOVE her....she's like a mini flap bag.
  13. I wish I knew! I grabbed those pictures off of the Japanese website!

    I'm going to be in Boston next week, so I'm printing the pictures out and taking them with me to the Copley boutique to see if they have any of them, or can give me any info.

    That first one is my new first choice, since the big flap didn't feel good on my shoulder.

    I'll post more info if I get some next week.
  14. thanks! I LOVE the first picture. It looks like a new Legacy hippie? I would LOVE that in the khaki/black since I already have the chocolate flap. Keep me posted.:yes:TIA
  15. Wow I love that first one (#11 post)!! Chocolate signature...delicious!