Going to the movies or watch at home?

Dec 14, 2005
Which do you all prefer? Watching a movie at the theater or at home?

I prefer watching movies at home because you can watch it at anytime, stop the movie whever you want and you don't have to worry about annoying people. This is the main reason dh and I have not gone to the theather latley, it seems no matter which type or movie we see or where we sit, we always get stuck near people who either talk during the whole thing, have to hear cell phones ringing or get the screen blocked every 5 minutes by people getting up and walking around.


Balenciaga's lover
Oct 29, 2005
I prefer to pop in a DVD at home and snuggle up with bf under a warm blanket. Unless there's a movie that I MUST see, then I'll go to the theatre. Nowadays, there are so many youngens at the theatre and I can hardly keep up with their hyperness... gosh I feel so old now. :wacko:


Jan 29, 2006
I know this might seem weird, but I actually HATE going to the movies. I think movie theaters are dirty, people munching and chattering... sorry, I swear I'm not as anal as that just made me seem....


Feb 3, 2006
I love them both for different reasons. Going to the movies is fun, I love going on a date or with my friends. A con of the movie theater is I get all fidgety halfway through and I want to leave. lol.

I also love popping in a movie at home, because I can watch it over and over and over ( I've seen Bridget Jones and Love, Actually and Zoolander uncountable times) and it's nice to hang out in comfy clothes either by yourself or with your bf. :smile:

I love movies, some are better in the theater and some are better at home.


Jan 29, 2006
BalenciagaLove said:
I know this sounds absolutely crazy, but I tend to watch them at home because I'm too cheap to go to the theater, even with the matinee. It's the same reason why I bring my lunch from home every day at work.

:P :P :P

No, me too! It is SO EXPENSIVE to go to the movies! I'd rather eat a $10 meal!


Jan 9, 2006
Well, I love cuddling up wiht my bf to watch a movie, or I like to watch with a group of friends...but ok, half the time the movie isn't really watched, for various reasons. Talking, falling asleep, etc. So if it is a movie that I'm really interested in seeing, I try to make it to the theaters...but yes, sometimes it is hard to pay that much $!


Addicted to H
Jan 15, 2006
My husband let me gut our family room a couple of years ago. It now has 4 speakers in the ceiling, 3 speakers up front, and a big subwoofer that can make the floor vibrate. And a giant HDTV on the wall, of course. I had insulation put in the walls and ceiling to protect the rest of the house, because when we watch an action movie, we feel as if we're in the middle of the action. it's far more wonderful than the movies!


and a chocoholic!
Jan 27, 2006
dvd in my own lap top in a lazy weekend.. while at bed.. with hot chocolate.. cell phone shut up with tape! <<kidding LO:huh::huh:L
and Lots and LOtS of tissue papers for i can emotionally express myself..>>she likes romantic movies that make her cray out loud all night long!! :cry:


En Vogue
Sep 13, 2005
i like staying at home watching a dvd but i think i prefer the movies. i love the atmosphere and the popcorn :smile:
plus, there are certain movies like lord of the rings that are so much better on a giant screen than on a tv.


Feb 1, 2006
I love watching movies at home! The one thing that drives me INSANE at the movies is the chomping, open mouth crunching times like 50 is such a disgusting sound! I never noticed this until one of my ex BF leaned into me and says, close your eyes and just listen (the movie was about to start) and that was it for me...He ruined it for me! I did this to my DH the last time we went to the movies...he started laughing and was like...great ...thanks for that...!!! Too funny. I swear if the idea had not been put in my head intially I would have been able to ignore it!