Going to the Mothership in Nov/Dec!!!

  1. Hi, everyone!!! Okay so DH finally gave in!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: We're going to Paris the end of November/ beginning of Dec for 6 days! The dates are still yet to be finalized but I was wondering if any of you gals had any suggestions on hotels/inns close to the H store or even hotels/inns close to a Metro. We don't mind taking the subway!!! It's our second time to Paris but my Baby Noah's first time, & we were looking for a "baby" friendly hotel to stay in! Also just wondering if any of you ladies will be in Paris at that time. I would LOVE to meet up!!! I'm sure the last thing my Hubby would want is to be dragged to the mothership every day we are there!!:shame: Well let me know, it would be really nice to put a name to a face to my wonderful H family!!!:love:
  2. YAY!

    If you stay at the George V there is an Hermes IN THE BUILDING!!!!!

    Gooooooooorgeous Hotel, too!
  3. Moviegirl - LUCKY YOU and HUBBY and Baby NOAH!!!:nuts: :yahoo:

    I'm so happy you get to go to PARIS!! yippeeeee!
  4. Try Tripadvisor.com, very useful information regarding hotels. Have a wonderful time in Paris, I was there at the end of November last year and the weather was beautiful, clear skies and no rain. Have fun.
  5. Park Hyatt Vendome!
    Great location,very silent,excellent service!!!!
  6. hello,

    Hôtel Georges V is a very luxury one. You have the Hermes shop near of the hôtel but in the overside street. You have to have a look in this boutique, because it's open again since 2/3 weeks after a very big renovation.

    here my favorite hôtels taht I suggest to my friends:
    - Meurice (rue de rivoli) : very king people / excellent service. near of Concorde and rue St Honoré and place vendôme
    - Scribe (front of Opera). near of big store like galeries lafayette / Printemps
    15 min walks to Madeleine.
    - Le lutétia (a little more cheaper 4 stars) but very nice and charming one. near St germain des près.

    Have a great time in paris. And enjoy it. :flowers:
  7. Moviegirl325 you must be so excited!:yahoo: You're gonna :heart: it!!! I agree with using TripAdvisor - extremely helpful. Most of the reviews will tell you how close the hotels are to transport etc. The beauty of Paris is that everything is so close you're bound to be near a metro station no matter where you are! I stayed in the Luxembourg Quarter & found it easy to get across town to Fauborg St Honore in no time at all. ;)
  8. Moviegirl.. Im going to Paris in November too!! Im sure u'll have so much fun!!
  9. THANKs!!!GrandsFonds,NewHermesLover,elliebean,missmarbella,Specialistparis,xquisite & pinkish_love!!! I can't wait; I'm really excited, although I've been to Paris before, I have never stepped foot inside the mother ship, so hopefully there will be some goodies to see and BUY!!!

    Grands Fonds- I will definitely check out George V since Hermes is right there..how convenient yet dangerous too!

    elliebean - Yes I have checked out tripadvisor and found some hotels that might be suitable for my stay. I guess I just wanted to get everyone's opinion on here since u ladies seem to travel extensively. Thought you might have the inside track:graucho:

    Missmarbella - I'll check that hotel out on tripadvisor. Thanks!!

    Specialistparis - Wow! Thanks for the list of hotels; i'll definitely look into it! Thank you soo much!!!

    xquisite , pinkish_love - Thanks for the great advice!!! As I remember it was pretty easy to get around Paris. I guess I'm just a lil cautious bc I'll have baby in tow and wanted to make it easy on ourselves not to do so much traveling around. But Noah's been to NYC too, & it wasn't too bad. pinkish_love - Wow!! When r u going in November??? Don't buy up all the H stuff b4 I can get to it!!:lol::graucho:
  10. You are one lucky woman!

    Everyone was so helpful too. Keep us posted.
  11. i'm so happy for you, MG! go get them birkins over there! :jammin:
  12. :yahoo: So excited for you!
  13. I second that one! And about a 10 minute walk to the mothership. Lovely hotel with lots of great restaurants within short walking distance- try the Marche du St. Honore!
    OH! I want to go to Paris now, thinking of planning a trip sooonnn.....:yahoo:

  14. I hope you had a great time in Paris. There are also small and reasonably priced hotels like Tim Elysees which is at the Faubourg St. Honore neighborhood.

    I'll be in Paris this weekend too! Yippie!!!
  15. Ooh, you are one lucky lady!!! And baby Noah's first time too - WOOHOO!