Going to the LV store for the first time!

  1. Hi everyone!! Thanks for all your advice on the Speedy vs. Alma. I am definitely going to get the Epi Red Speedy (not sure what size) but will look at the Alma for another color.

    I am heading into Chicago to go to the LV Store for my very first time. Is there anything that I should absolutely check out? Accessories??

    Yep, I'm an LV Newbie!
  2. great choice :yahoo:
    maybe something inclusion :yes:
  3. If you want a wallet that will last you a lifetime, check out some mono wallets!:idea:
  4. Yeah, if I didn't just love having lots of little things, really my mono PTI would work forever, it's already 7 years old and still looks brand new!
  5. How exciting! The red Epi Speedy is gorgeous!! Post pics as soon as you can!
  6. Yay!! How exciting!!! :yahoo:

    I still remember my first trip to the Louis Vuitton store!! It's so much fun!!!
  7. you must be so excited!!!

    good luck trying to walk outta there... LOL

  8. Have fun....good luck trying to walk out with just ONE thing!!! It never works!!!
  10. Post pics later! : )
  11. One thing I think I will get for sure is that keychain/coin purse I've seen. Looks very practical. Maybe a wallet - hmmmmm.....
  12. How exciting! Have a wonderful day! So much to see and so much to want! :nuts:
  13. Take a look at the Pochette Porte-Monnaie wallet from the groom collection in red--that'd be so cute with the red Epi speedy!
  14. i wish that i was going! have a great experience!!!!!!
  15. I remember my first trip... It was in the Beverly Center in California. The SA was impatient and avoided me when I complained that they hadn't given me a lock with my damier speedy... :sad:

    Not a pleasant experience... or should I have expected that because I'm still an undergrad student?