Going to the JAR exhibit at the Met Museum in NYC?

May 14, 2008
I'll be going December 6th. I'm going to see Mythbusters live that night but I'm going to the MET first! I was lucky enough to see some JAR pieces at Elizabeth Taylor's auction preview and I know it will be such a treat to see such a large collection.


May 13, 2006
I also went to the preview show before it opened to the public. The pieces were beautiful. There were a lot of enormous brooches, and I can't imagine how one would wear them. They must weigh a ton! My favorites were the butterflies and flowers as bracelets or rings. I would have loved to try things on, but of course, not possible as every piece is from a private collection. Most pieces just said "private collection" but a few named their owners.


Nov 28, 2012
Hi everyone,

I just went to the exhibit on Friday. My husband and I showed up around 11am and thought it would be packed, but was pretty mellow. There were quite a few people there but not so many that you couldn't stand in front of the display windows with your jaw on the ground.

It is definitely worth going to see. I am not a huge fan of huge, ostentatious jewelry but could appreciate the art and vision that went into each piece. I actually preferred the smaller ones...swan ring, strawberry earrings. Most of the pieces are listed in the catalogue as from a private collection but gwenyth paltrow did confess to one of the necklaces....

We stayed for about 2 hours to view all the pieces. At the end, the "book" vol I and vol II are for sale ...about $1400 for both or $700 each. I ended up getting the souvenir book for $40. If anyone is interested, I will take a few pics of particular pieces.

Also in the gift shop are some earrings...I tried on the gardenia ones but they looked ridiculous on me.

So as we walked back to the hotel and past Bergdorf, I see a display saying Bergdorf has special JAR jewelry. So of course we went in and looked for the sales display. It happens to be a small cubby hole off of the women's cosmetics area and the man (SA) there was so kind. He let us smell each of the fragrances individually. I so wanted to buy one but did not fall in love with a particular one.

Then he brought out each piece (all earrings) one by one and let me try them ALL on. I cannot remember all of them but I know there were:

-geranium leaves (two colors)
- rose petals (different colors)
-violets (two or three colors)

All of them were different than the ones offered at the Met. I didn't walk away with any because they were all clip ons and so TIGHT. Although lovely, they were too uncomfortable for me because I am used to earrings for pierce ears.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


What time is it?
Oct 30, 2007
I was so sure that there would be a huge line on Saturday when I was in NYC for a day trip, I couldn't believe my luck when I was able to walk right in! It was gorgeous. I love how inspired he is by nature. The room is very, very dark, I suppose to show off the gems. No photography allowed.