Going to the Danger Zone today...

  1. Good morning ladies (and dudes)
    Gotta take DH to LAX this morning and I'm thinking about swinging by the Beverly Center on the way home to visit my pal Louis V. I really want to try some bags on...really...thats all. If any Pfers are gonna be in the area today, swing by and say hello! We can drool together. I'm planning on being there around noonish, one-ish.
    I'll have a full report when I get back home!
  2. Aww.. I wish I lived around the area, I would so join you in drooling over the new bags ! Sounds like it'll be fun, and make sure that credit card stays firmly in your wallet now. ;)
  3. ^^^yeah, I'm thinking of super-gluing it to the inside of my bag!
  4. How funny, I'm dropping my DH off at LAX today too. But not until late at night though. His flight doesn't leave until midnight. I would have loved to stop by LV
  5. Well I am in Ohio, so I definitely will not be there, but have fun!
  6. Good luck, and stay strong :biguns: !
  7. btw, i was really unimpressed by this store. they didn;t have anything that I haven't already seen and the beverly center seems to be going down the tubes. anyone else in socal feel the same way>?