Going to the Coach Outlet soon

  1. I'm going on vacation to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, Tennessee, I leave tomorrow. Sometime during the week I'm going to the outlet in Sevierville (which is close to where I'm staying), and I want to have an idea of what to expect to find.

    So has anyone been to any of the outlets lately, and do they have anything good? And do they have any of the bags with the fish on them, like the big totes, 'cause I want to get one of them for my mom.
  2. Ah I'm actually going to Niagara Falls Prime Outlet tomorrow, so I'll be sure to let you know what's there !

    The last time I went, most of the fish stuff was gone. I saw I think only one poppy thing, this was about a month ago. I'm really hoping that some things, like the giant signature hobos will be waiting for me !
  3. Hmm well I was in the Coach outlet in Lebanon, TN 2 weeks ago and they had PLENTY of the fish totes left over along with a lot of signature pieces as well as suede and pebbled leather bags.

    Does anyone live near the Coach Outlet at San Marcos, TX? I heard they had a HUGE selection!
  4. The Coach outlet here in Vegas is pure chaos! They had a lot of the fish bags and signature ones and some of the trendy ones with the fur on them as well but that was at the end of February when I went and I havent been back since but I see why it was crazy up in there, great stuff for almost 20-50% off!
  5. I LOVED the fish line- much bettter than the supid poppy or bee! But seriously, the outlets have great prices! I got a textured card case that they still sell in retail stores and online for $68 for $35! They always have a ton of the leather and signature bags, and some great deals on coats!
  6. Hey, thanks. I actually forgot to check this before I left (I'm so damn smart, lol), but thanks everyone! Actually, they said that they only got a few of the fishy pieces in, and when I was there all they had was a wristlet, so my mom got a passport case instead. But of course I didn't walk out empty handed, lol- I bought a dot demi ($79), a purple signature Soho wallet, and a purple suede belt.