Going to the boutique tomorrow ~ HELP ~ Amarante Vs Saleya

Which bag?!

  • Saleya azur PM

  • Amarante Sunset Blvd (when it comes out)

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Luva Pug

In a H dream...
Dec 26, 2006
Ok finally I got the call today that my azur Saleya has come in!
But I have just brought a Balenciaga city, which means I can only get 1 LV!!
I am waitlisted for the amarante sunset Blvd,
so my question is:
Do I get the Saleya azur and get the sunset later, or wait for the saleya and get the sunset (when it comes out)!
(the saleya has blue in, and my Bbag is blue so im thinking I dont want 2 bags that are similar in colour)

Does anyone know if the sunset is seasonal or a piece that will be put into the main line?

Thanks everyone! I really need your input!
Jun 15, 2006
Saleya is more functional than the Sunset so you'll get more use out of it I'm not a 100% I think Sunset is limited in terms of colour i.e 6 months but not demand like hearts kwim I'd say wait for the sunset


More LV Please!!!!
Jan 19, 2007
Hey hun
Lol so it FINALLY came in then?!
Since you got the Bal i think you should get the Sunset blvd!
It's a really cute bag and the colour is totally tdf!
Can you see if they have the Olympe Cirrus for me please :flowers:
I'm crazy about that bag
Have fun!
Update us with what you choose!!

Luva Pug

In a H dream...
Dec 26, 2006
Thanks everyone! Thats what I was thinking too! Im going to ring and ask them if the Sunset is Ltd! Im just scared that I wont like the sunset as much either and then its like, ive been waitlisted for 2 items and didnt pick either of them, kwim? x


Sep 13, 2006
hmm well i think i would go for the saleya. The amarante sunset blvd IS gorgeous, but the saleya is beautiful and more functional. But i know all about the temptation of limited things, not an easy decision :P