Going to Tampa, FL LV...

  1. I'll be going to Tampa, FL to visit my brother & his family on Friday, and they have this fabulous mall containing an LV boutique. :yahoo:

    It's been almost a year since I've stepped foot into an actual boutique, so you can imagine I'm quite excited! I plan on carrying my Damier Speedy 30 so hopefully I'll get some good customer service while I'm there! :p

    Anyway, I'm not even absolutely certain that I'll be buying anything, BUT my birthday is next Thursday so we'll see.

    What are some accessories/bags that would be a good purchase? I'm looking at maybe $700 and under. I've already got the Speedy 30 in Monogram & Damier, a MC Wapity, a Monogram Cles, and a MC Pastilles Keychain.

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  2. I can barely contain myself with "boutique anticipaition"- I myself only get to an LV store about 3 times a year. Since you already have a couple handheld bags, what about a Batignolles Horizontal or Vertical? They recently dropped in price to $710.
    Or what about a pochette in Damier or/and monogram at $285 each? The red groom pochette wallet is nice too (I think it runs about $550)
  3. What about....

    vernis or koala agenda
    azur mini pochette or reg. access. pouch
    azur speedy
  4. bandeau
    pomme ANYTHING
    inclusion ANYTHING (are these in boutiques?)
    Speedy 30 Azur

    I'M SO JEALOUS OF YOU! I have to wait til August when we visit family and friends in San Diego to walk into an LV boutique!!! HAVE FUN!
  5. Get the BH. Most bang for your buck!
  6. enjoy florida! most of all, enjoy LV;)
  7. actually~ my #1 recommendation is the MC POCHETTE MM! oo! so pretty!
  8. Get the BH!
  9. I say go for some azur if you can get some! Otherwise what about a pomme wallet? The zippy is TDF!! xx
  10. ITA! have fun :smile:
  11. I would get the bh.
  12. have fun!!! the SAs there are pretty nice! I would go for a wallet of some sort...maybe pomme or damier!
  13. Anything Pomme!
  14. I would get a pomme vernis zippy wallet, it goes great with damier and monogram bags. I think mine ended up being around $700 including tax and is well worth it. Enjoy your trip!