Going to Study Abroad in Hong Kong! Which bag to get?


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Jul 15, 2007
I promised myself a few weeks ago that if I got accepted to study aboad, I would sell off 2 RMs and my vintage Papillon to make room for a new LV.

Today, Its official! I am going to study abroad at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology! I am super excited because I have been to Hong Kong twice before and it is absolutely amazing. Plus everybody there has LV or Gucci, its a sea of amazing bags!

My question to you is, if you have gone to school in HK, do students usually use a LV as a school bag? I was thinking about getting the Galliera. The only thing I am scared about when I go there, is that I will not have my own room. I will probably be sharing with one or two other people. Since these are not people I know, I would rather not leave my bag in the room when I am not there.

Thats why I considered just getting a small damier pochette and another accessory or two. Do you guys think that it is safe to keep your LV bag in the dorms?


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Sep 29, 2008
I think these are great work totes and can also be nice school bags too!;) But like you mentioned, I would also be worried about leaving such an expensive school bag lying around when I'm not around.

Batignolles Horizontal
Saleya GM
Cabas Mezzo
Palermo GM

Hope this helps and GOOD LUCK in HK!:tup:
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Sep 24, 2008
According to my SA, NF is more durable than Galleria. She mentioned that there were 2 Galleria bags that came back to their store. Before I got my mono NF, I was considering Galleria, too. If you're planning on using for school, I would go for NF or messenger type bags.


Jan 23, 2008
I agree! Everyone carries LV in HK!

I don't think you'll be having just 1 LV bag in HK. Chances are, you'll buy, use and sell and buy new ones again. That's their culture- everyone wants a piece of the latest bag. Their 2nd hand designer stores are in abundance and doing really well. These stores are well stocked and even carries new LE bags.

You may like to head over to HK first, get a feel of what people wear and also their 2nd hand designer store like Milan station.


Oct 3, 2007
The people in Hong Kong love LV's. Most young people I saw carry their bags messenger style. Hong Kong is fast-paced and such a busy city. That means people tend to hurry most of the time. I think it's more convenient for a student like you to get your hands free from carrying stuff. When I'm there, I get bumped most of the time :biggrin:
Aug 17, 2008
I don't think you have to worry too much about your roommates stealing your bag. It will be pretty obvious if you come back and it is gone, you would know one of them or a friend of theirs stole it. I think if a roommate was going to steal anything it would be money over anything else because any clothing or goods is just too obvious. They wouldn't be able to use it or even have it in the room because you would see it. They also are trusting you with their stuff if there are no locks on the bedrooms, so they know if they take from you you could just as easily take from them. Most people are good.