Going to St. Lucia need help!!!

  1. So Im going to St. Lucia in march for my honeymoon!!!!

    I was wondering if anyone has been there and can help me out on stuff to see and stuff to do!!

    Also I was wondering if St. Lucia was known for anything jewerly wise!!

  2. I went there for my honeymoon !
    I stayed at sandals there... Which was amazing! There r 2 sandals there u can go back and forth from for activities and restaurant choices . Lots to do there all the time!!!
  3. I went to the Club Med in St. Lucia. This was years ago. It is very pretty there. I pretty much just hung out the resort the whole time because they had a lot of activities.

    Have fun!
  4. yay!! were staying at the grand st. lucian...where did u stay?!!!
  5. Oh we stayed at the grand st. lucian for our honeymoon too!!! It was beautiful in St. Lucia, still one of my all time favorite places. We took a taxi with another couple we met into town to the market place, which was pretty interesting.
    The drive from the airport itself is very interesting! On the way back our driver stopped a few places so we could take some really great pictures! We pretty much stayed at the resort, but we did take the sandals shuttle and check out the Regency one day. I would suggest just going there and looking around or spending the day at the beach, its really different from the grand.
    If you have any questions or would like to see pics, PM me!!
    I hope you have an AMAZING time!!!
  6. we went too!! It's my favorite beach destination so far because of how primitive it still is {or was when we went!} compared to big commercial destinations. There were no McDs or Burger Kings, just insanely friendly locals that seems genuinely gracious you chose their island.
    Bring cash, getting money from an Int'l ATM can prove difficult.
    Your resort should have a plethora of things for you to sign up for. Our favorite was a yacht to see the Grand Pitons & snorkeling near them and a hike into the world's only walk in volcano - stinks bad! LOL!
  7. We took a helicopter ride to the top of the volcano on the way back to the airport...It Was SCARY!LOL!...but totally cool!u should try it!
  8. That's where we went for our honeymoon, too!

    Don't worry, when you get there, they'll give you lots of options for places to go and see. You'll have a great time!