Going to Spain on Mon- Advice?

  1. Hi DH and I are going on a loooong awaited trip to Spain for almost 3 weeks! I've done a little research, but would love any input anyone wants to share! looking for cool, trendy sites, bars, restaruants, day trips, etc...
    the itinerary:
    Pamplona - running of the bulls! 3 days
    Santiago de Composela- 2 days
    Ibiza - 3 days (oooh I want to go to Pacha and cafe del mar! even though I know they're "old" spots)
    Madrid- 5 days
    Barcelona 5 days
    Thank you!! can't wait for Sangria!:yahoo:
  2. You've got a lot to fit into 3 weeks. Of those places i've only ever been to Barcelona. You should see the Fountain of Montjuic, they have a fantastic colour display to music, it sounds naff, but it's really good.
    The Sagrada Familia, if you're super fit and don't mind enclosed spaces, climb the stairs.

    Don't really remember any great restaurants or bars, think we were missing some insider info, but then we were only there for 2 nights. I would say it's probably best to avoid Port Olympic unless you're into falling down drunk.
  3. Have a great time!!!

    And keep your handbag near you at all times and do not take money out of your wallet to count it, always count it while it's in your wallet. This isn't really a tip for Spain, but for everywhere!
  4. ohhhh Ibizia :graucho: someone's gonna do a lot of partying hehe!
  5. I loved Spain! I went when I was around 13 and unfortunately I already lost most of my distinct memory about it. I remember I did love the shopping and the paella! And beware of pickpockets!
  6. Take lots of pics and have a GREAT TIME!! I've never been.
  7. you will love ibiza, its so cool and laid back during the day.
    where in ibiza are you staying?
  8. Yes !!! That is more important in Pamplona at nigths. Handsome Australian men there !!! ;)
  9. Madrid is THE best city in the world!!!! I love it there. La Gran Via is a must and Serrano St (all high end boutiques are there). La Gran Via is full of great little terraces and yummy restaurants. There's also the Prado Museum. Barcelona is so beautiful to see too. There you cannot miss the Sagrada Familia Church and La Rambla. I :heart: Spain. We always go there on vacation. Please enjoy the food and the wine. Be careful 'cause it's crazy hot right now. Have a wonderful time!!!
  10. great tips so far! thanks!
    Cherry pie- I'm staying at Sol ibiza (sol melia hotels) I'm not sure where that is....
  11. We went to Madrid & Barcelona in May.

    In Madrid my favorite part was the Museo Thyssen-Bornemizsa (I probably butchered that spelling!). I enjoyed going through the Palace and the church right near it has a really pretty painted ceiling.
    I felt like every plaza we stepped foot in had construction, that was the downside. We also took a day trip to Toledo which I'd recommend. I bet you'd have time for it. We were there for 4 nights, but more like 3 full days and we felt like that was fine.

    In Barcelona we were there for 3 nights, also like 3 full days with how our flights were. I loved seeing all the Gaudi stuff! Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell, the other houses in the city. We also enjoyed stopping at La Boqueria, off of the Ramblas. We picked up fruit or snacks to keep at the hotel. Plus, it is pretty to just walk around and take in all the colorful fruits and foods and people. I enjoyed the Picasso Museum there too.

    Bring comfortable shoes :smile:
  12. Make sure you see the Gaudi buildings in Barcelona, there really is nothing else like them! Try not to exhaust yourself walking all day, sit down and watch the world go by so you can eat late and stay up until the early hours!

    Pacha in Ibiza will be fantastic!
  13. sunset at cafe del mar is beautiful

    In Ibiza if anyone ask if you need anything or can they get you anything they are talking drugs they are very upfront in their approach but thankful they do go away when you say no
  14. sol ibiza is in santa eulalia. its called the cultural part of the island.
    really cool galleries and shops and THE best restaurants on the island, iv been a few times.
    es cana is close buy and that has a really cool market, origonally set up by the hippys in the 70s.
    have fun!
  15. thank you for telling me that! I was looking forward to the hippy markets, but I wasn't going to push it, becuase i didn't think i'd have enough time!