Going to Spain & Need Help Deciding Which Bag?!?


Jul 28, 2014
Los Angeles County, CA
Hello Everyone!

I would like to gather everyone's opinion on a couple of items that are on my wishlist. I will be going to Spain (Barcelona) next month. I have two bags that are on my wishlist BUT unfortunately I can only get one.
I plan on purchasing both of these bags at some point but can only afford one when I go to Spain. Both of these bags are priced around the same price point here in the U.S.

The two bags on my wishlist are:
1. Louis Vuitton Capucines PM - Noir with silver hardware

2. Chanel Reissue (Small/225) - But ONLY if they have it in the SO BLACK (I Know my odds are slim to none) or possibly in silver hardware.

I know that these are two entirely different bags which is the reason they are both on my wishlist.
My questions are -
If you happen to have both of these bags, which do you enjoy using more? Which do you think would be a good investment to purchase while in Spain? Has anyone been to either Chanel or LV in Barcelona? If so, how was the selection when you were there?

Just to give you insight, I currently have the following Chanel bags:
Chanel Jumbo Single Flap - Black Caviar w/silver hardware
Chanel Boy Old Med - Black Calfskin w/ruthenium hardware
Chanel WOC - Black Caviar w/gold hardware

I really appreciate your honest opinion! Hopefully I will be able to score at least one of these when I go next month.


Apr 10, 2017
I just went back from my vacation in Spain (Ibiza / Formentera) with the black caviar with SHW. I find this is a better choice over other kind of hardware as it's not too attention - grabbing like the GHW and also appear more versatile ie. both casual and luxurious :smile: (whereas the ruthenium might appear too casual). I can also use my classic with SHW to work too, in addition to everyday use and travel, which is great!

Here's a pic of my baby on the airplane to Spain :smile:

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Nov 3, 2015
Reissue is a great bag. Do you get VAT refund? If not, probably buy it in US. You have to pay some tax when you get through custom if I understand correctly. Have fun!


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May 2, 2015
I was just in Spain 2-3 weeks ago and got a monogram pochette metis, pochette felicie, Pallas bb and multiple wallet from the LV on Passeig de Gracia. They had a pretty good overall stock. I worked with Javier and he was amazing, I would definitely recommend him if you're going to stop by! A different SA told me they didn't have any pochette metis in stock but he was able to get his hands on one. I was able to get VAT refund and the base price of everything is less so it's definitely worth it to shop in Spain.
Apr 24, 2009
I'm biased to choose the chanel 2.55 reissue so black. So black is available on certain seasons only, so its more exclusive in a way. However, do read on the so blacks maintenance & see if you are ok with it. I've not been to spain stores, but if you are from outside EU, you can take advantage of the VAT refund. Spain's VAT refund is one of the highest.


Dino <3
Jul 10, 2008
If you are going to get both eventually go with LV because it's much cheaper in Europe. Unless you can find the rarer bag.