Going to shopping tomorrow,help me!

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  1. First time shopping from LV,I can't decide what to buy,my wish list 1) speedy b 25 2)zippy compact wallet 3)milla clutch 4) charm 5)alma bb 6)key pouch 7:smile:sully or portebello,can you choose for me what to have?
  2. That's tough.. Go in person and see everything then try to decide. I'd suggest a bag first or wallet first!
  3. Speedy b! Good luck deciding.
  4. You need to browse the items in person first I think:smile: But if it is your first time I would go with the speedy b 25. I own the 30 and it is an amazing bag, and with the 25 bag it will look just as good day or night I think. You get a handheld, you get a cross body and you get a shoulder. It has a pocket inside that you could use for cards, cash etc if you do not wish to carry a wallet. I started with a bag(Verona mm) and then purchased a wallet, and I'm really glad I did it in that order. If you are unsure if you are going to like LV, I suggest starting with a key pouch, you get to know the brand, get used to the canvas and can experience the durability before you fork out the money for a full size bag. Good luck:smile:
  5. i would choose speedy b for sure. i would also highly recommend the zippy compact wallet as a second purchase. i have both of these items and love them . my zcw looks like new and i have used it nonstop for over a year. what i love about it is that it is the perfect size to go from larger bag to smaller without changing out. it is big enough to hold everything but still compact. love both of these. go try on everything, take your time and choose what you love : )
  6. I can buy bag wallet and charm or pouch just can't decide:sad:
  7. Speedy B and zippy coin purse!
  8. Speedy B
  9. I'd go for a wallet first or a bag. Something you can use everyday.
  10. Speedy B, zippy coin purse & key pouch. I actually have the pochette clay with the speedy B & I love it! It is so practical for such a small piece. I clip my keys on it & carry my drivers license and debit card inside & it's perfect if I just need to grab one thing & go! I love my speedy B 25, it's a great size & holds quite a bit. It can easily be used day or evening. Good luck!
  11. Get a bag as your first LV, I would go for the Speedy B.
  12. i own the sully mm and is great and very roomy, and you don't see many people with it which i like its a good bag

  13. I agree this is a great classic that you won't regret and it's the perfect beginner bag!
  14. Can't decide between zcp,zcw and milla(milla as a wallet)
  15. try them all! This will definitely help