Going to Several European Shops - What should I look for?

  1. So far I only have scarves and a beautiful bangle :smile: but I'll be in Venice, Rome, Florence, Athens, Naples, Istanbul -- and hope to visit a Hermes or two at least as I have time or DH has patience LOL for during this vacation -- in general is there anything in particular that anyone wants me to keep an eye out for that may be hard to find to report back? I'll be happy to ask or bring a list of items that are hard to find if that helps anyone, if I get a chance. So many of you had been kind to me, I hope I can track something down for someone.

    I dont think I'll be in the market for a bag alas, but scarves and bangles :smile:

    Can't wait to go!
  2. Also, hubby was asking where the Hermes in Venice is since that will be my best chance to visit one - the address on the website isn't really clear - has anyone been there I want to be sure to come back with a couple of souvenirs from Hermes before I board the ship for 2 weeks and thats one of my best options, thanks :smile:
  3. Tina, it is so sweet of you to offer! I am not looking for anything myself but just wanted to wish you safe and fun trip!:flowers:
  4. Vista- you are always going somewhere exciting. Have a wonderful time and fun visiting Hermes. :heart:
  5. Vista, Your post made me feel nostalgic for Alberta. I had a place in Calgary for several years in 'La Caille On The Bow'. I am planning to get back to Banff and Lake Louise this summer. Two of North Americas most breath taking locations! Have a great trip,and I just may take you up on your offer to find me a little something.
  6. DuchessofS - I was away from Calgary for 15 years and just moved back from Texas this spring, so I know the feeling well.

    Here's a link to my thread about wearing my LV Bandeau on a trail ride in the Rockies yesterday (Just to make you a little more nostalgic for the region!) -- I definitely need to get an Hermes riding scarf if I'm going to take this hobby up regularly again !