Going to Seattle on business for 11 WEEKS...what should I see / do.

  1. I went to Seattle for a week last year so I have seen a few things but I'll take any suggestions! I plan to go to the top of the space needle.
  2. Well as long as you're at Seattle Center for the Space Needle you need to include EMP , the monorail and across the street taking the Ride The Duck tour. If you like sports then head over to Safeco Field for the Mariners and Qwest Field for the Seahawks. If you are in town for Labor Day then attend the Bumbershoot Festival at Seattle Center. SAM (Seattle Art Museum) just got rennovated so check it out and you'll be right next door to the Public Market and Benaroya Hall. If you like outdoor stuff then head over to the flagship REI store in Seattle and stock up on supplies to take with you on road trips to places like Snoqualmie Falls or Mt.Rainier. Seafair is almost over but there is the Puyallup Fair that lasts for several weeks in September. If you want more specific recommendations on restaurants or shopping let me know.
  3. Go up to Vancouver so if you have a passport be sure to bring it in case you want to visit Canada- you might need it not sure if you do yet, from Vancouver you can also visit Whistler Resort from there. From Seattle take the ferry over to Victoria - depending on when you are going some of the major cruise lines are doing some short cruises that time of year in the area as its coming up to the end of the Alaska season - Celebrity and Princess both do some Pacific Coastal cruises around Seattle, Victoria Vancouver and some down to San Francisco or LA even for very low prices for 2, 3, 4 days in the fall -- great weekend getaways -- I used to do them spring and fall every year when I lived in Seattle.
  4. I would love some resteraunt and shopping recommendations...
  5. I'm working in Seattle right now so hopefully this will help... I used to stay downtown so I have a pretty good feel for the city. What area is the company in? Redmond? Bellevue? I can help too with areas outside of Downtown.

    For shopping I like Nordstrom (the main store) and the little mall that attaches to it via skybridge. It is near the monorail (on the side that's not the space needle). There everything from Club Monaco to Barneys there. It between Pike, Pine, 6th, and 7th. There are many shops on the street too in that ares (like Banana Republic, Gap, Kenneth Cole, a few upscale boutiques, etc.) If you are into boutiques there are several on First (I know there are about three near Seneca on First) and a few more if you walk north on First from Pike's Place. An area just north of downtown on the other side of Lake Union called Freemont also has a few boutiques. There are a few good restaurants there too. Lucky Magazine does a lot of articles about boutiques in Seattle that you may want to save if this is your thing.

    Besides the tours mentioned there is the underground tour in Pioneer Square. It takes you under the current city into the old city. It's 4 or 5 blocks from Pike's Place Market on First. If you go down to the waterfront there are harbor tours if that is your thing. I actually like to take the ferry to Bainbridge Island for lunch. You sort of get a harbor tour in there, a great view of Seattle, and it's pretty cheap (about $5 but you only have to pay one way). Someone else mentioned ride the ducks which looks like a nice tour but you wouldn't catch my in that boat thing they drive around in...
    If you have some money to spend on a tour they do sea plan tours from Lake Union.

    As far as food is concerned, what type of food do you like? What budget. In my experience most of the food in downtown Seattle is gourmet/expensive type places. Most of the cheaper places downtown are only open for lunch. The exception are a few restaurants near all the shopping (near Nordstrom). There are a lot of neat hole in the wall places too but you have to look for them.
  6. If you are a fan of celebrity chef Mario Batalli then you must go to his sandwich shop run by his sister (his parents just turned it over to her) called Salumi in Pioneer Square. Our local celeb chef is probably Tom Douglas because he has a lot of popular restaurants like the Dahlia Lounge, Serious Pie, Lola and Palace Kitchen.... all over rated IMO.
  7. I am working and staying Downtown...
    any more suggestions.
  8. In addition to what others have suggested, try going to Nordstrom Rack. It's on 2nd Ave and Pine. They always have a couple of racks of designer clothes marked down. Marios is also a nice store for upscale designers, but bring your wallet! It's a block from the main Nordstrom store. There is also a Louis Vuitton store about 4 blocks south of Nordstrom, on 4th and University.
    There are several places in Pike Market where you can grab a bite to eat and have a great view of Puget Sound. Try the Athenian; a scene from "Sleepless in Seattle" was filmed there. Etta's Seafood is right next to the market, it is a Tom Douglas restaurant, and very good. For northwestern ambiance, we usually take our guests to Ivar's Salmon House on Lake Union -- go inside to the restaurant, not the clam bar on the outside. The inside is designed like an old Indian longhouse.
    The new library downtown is interesting place to visit. It was designed by Rern Koolhaus, a Dutch architect. It's on 3rd Ave. Also visit the new sculpture park; it's a great showcase for a couple of fabulous Calder and Serra pieces. It would be a great place to take a sandwich and have lunch al fresco.
    If you have time to get out of town, take a trip south to Mt. St. Helens. This spot where a major volcanic eruption took place in the 1980s is fascinating. Hope this helps.