Going to SCP today...

  1. Anyone else going to be there?

    I thought it would be fun to have a fellow PF'er pick up my SO Mezzo with me. :flowers:
  2. oh if I were closer....I have nothing to do today!
  3. :crybaby:

    How far away are you? I am about 30 minutes north of SCP.

  4. Whoa, I think we might be neighbors!
  5. If I still lived down there, I would sooo have loved to go with you! :heart: Doesn't Dickies80 work down there? You can buy from him!
  6. PM'd ya!
  7. Get thee to store quick! I'm dying to see your Mezzo!
  8. I'm a good 45 minutes away.
  9. Awww...I wish I would have known sooner or I would have gone with ya.

    I was just there on wednesday.

    Can't wait to see your SO piece!!!
  10. Aw, that's OK. Although if you would have said you would have met me, I would have gotten OUT of the house yesterday! :lol:

    I got a wild hair and started to refinish my bannister yesterday after I posted that I was going to SCP. Horrible stained nails and 8 hours later, it still wasn't even 1/10th of the way completed. :crybaby: :rant:

    I have a nail appt. at noon to fix the mess, and then I am off shopping! :yahoo:

    Anyone know how to upload pics from their digital phone? I just realized yesterday that DH and the boys took the dig. camera on their camping trip, so I will have to take pics of the new baby with my phone. Damn. Damn. Damn. :censor:
  11. So you didn't go? I was there yesterday, and it was a zoo, especially the LV store. Couldn't even get close to the display cases.
  12. Aww... I'm about 30 min away but I already went there last weekend. :sad:
  13. there will be a mini TPF get-together at SCP Tuesday the 8th& another on the 18th or 19th.....there is a thread about it in the general discussion forum. It would be great if everybody could go & we could all OOooh & Ahhhh over your SO. :smile: