going to san jose the 25th

  1. so i booked my flight and I was wondering, would it be tacky to have a lv speedy but not lv luggage? I really want a keepall but I don't think I'd use it a lot and so i cant justify paying so much for it! I saw one for cheap on my poupette but I think it's gone now!! What are your guys' thoughts?/:shrugs:
  2. No, I don't think it is every "tacky" to carry a designer purse and then not to have designer ____ (i.e. luggage, shoes, coat, jewelry, etc.). People mix designer with either other designers or non-designer all the time. While many people enjoy LV luggage, many others don't travel enough to justify the cost or designer luggage simply isn't important to them.

    I think you should carry your LV handbag and not worry about your luggage.
  3. cool thanks! I saw an excursion on mypoupette, but I dont think it's big enough to put all my stuff in
  4. I actually think is tacky if you have everything LV at the same time when the logos are too much.
  5. ITA!