Going to San Francisco. Hotel recommendation please?

  1. Never been to SF. Could anyone recommend a good hotel to stay there? Thanks
  2. ^^^I def second that!

    What do you want to do there? You might want to be more want 1 area more than another.
  3. oh yeah and if you want a cool bed and breakfast, the Albion House Inn is great too! (can you tell I love SF?)

    Heres their link:

  4. Thanks guys forgot to mention I want it to be close to union square.
  5. the hilton is very close to union square. Its close enough to walk and far enough from the shoppers. its like .5 mile walking distance from center of the union square, but along the ways there are aton of stores..I would highly recommend the SF hilton.
  6. I stayed at the Westin St. Francis last summer. The location is right on Union Square. The rooms in the main historical building are lovely!! I miss it so much. :smile:

  7. i love the W. i'm a sucker for their hotels =)
  8. I second this! :yes: I live in the Bay Area and I stayed there one night just for the shopping. The Grand Hyatt is also right by Union Square...haven't stayed there, but would like to someday!

  9. Yes I heard this hotel is lovely but the rooms are pretty small?
  10. The rooms in the tower are more contemporary and are about average in size. The rooms in the main building are charming but the sizes vary. Some rooms are pretty small, while others are huge. It seems like the rates of the rooms facing the square cost the same, not mattering what size they are. I recommend asking for a deluxe corner room overlooking the square; I stayed in one overlooking the corner of Post and Powell and the room was quite large. :smile:
  11. how about le meridien?