GOING TO SAN FRAN,CA. MAY 17th..where should I shop!!??

  1. All you San Fran Girls!!
    PHPHH has a conference and will be BUSY in meetings...hee!!HEE!HEE!..so I feel I must SHOP my visit away!! ANY ideas where to go...I am bringing my 9 year old as well..so if you know any good kid places..I would appreciate ANY advice
    THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!You guys are the best!
  2. I'm a San Francisco girl...have you been there before?
  3. Ok you can go to pier 39 and take a boat trip to Alcatraz if you like, or take a ferry to Sausalito to have fish and chips.
    They have a wax museum by the pier and people performing on the streets and you can eat at Bubba Gump :smile: or get fresh clam chowder on the pier.

    For shopping you have to go to Union Square: MN, Dior, Burberry, YSL, Chanel, Hermes, Saks, Macys, H&M (<----this is a must go!!! They have a kids one too) BCBG and a HUGE Disney store.

    If the weather permits there is a zoo also, and a rose garden.

    Hope that helps....
  4. there is also union street, chestnut street, haight street, and sacramento street for really neat boutique shopping and a lot of kid stores too. Brown eyed girl on Union street has a lot of cute young girl clothes as well as clothes for grown ups. Wish you could come sooner (may 13)then you could join us for the Norcal pf forum Luncheon. we're all going shopping together afterward around union square.. :sad:
  5. Give me a call and I'll help you shop :biggrin:
  6. Whooo! I'll be living in norcal/stanford for 14 WEEKS! I'm definitely hitting Union Square on the weekends!
  7. they are opening a Barneys there preety soon, dont know when exactly though. but, if you walk around union square -2-3 mile radius- you can find pratically every store lol.
  8. Yep, I agree. There are a gazillion stores in Union Square. If you get tired of it, you can also go to Fillmore Street (up close to Pacific Heights) or Hayes Valley for boutique-shopping. I love Hayes Valley, lots of cute shoe stores and clothing boutiques there. Good food as well! However, do Union Square first because that's where all the designer stores are! HAVE FUN!!
  9. The old FAO Schwarz will be Barney's :biggrin: I can't wait.
  10. pursegal- I cant wait either. I wonder if it will hurt NMs business since its 1/2 a block away. NM really pisses me off that they dont take anything but amex and their own card. I attempted to open an account with them, but was told I HAD TOO MANY open accounts..since when was 10 credit cards too many lmfao. oh well, the only problem is going to the atm and carrying lots of cash to pay for something in NM, blah. im really hoping barneys carries balenciaga and fendi bags, then ill be set :smile:
  11. ^^^ I guess we'll find out when it opens. 10 CCs? :lol:
  12. oh and jill, you may want to visit lohemans. its a store that carries all desinger brands like prada, gucci, fendi, armani, diane v. etc for like up to 70-80% off retail. the only problem is that its sort of setup like a marshalls, where u have to go through racks to find the clothes, but its worth it....and right across the street is there shoestore which also carries only shoes and high end designer brands. try to go in the mornings though, that place gets packed quick. Its right around the corner from banana republic lol.
  13. awww, you guys are so luck!!!!

    have a great time in San Fran!!! :smile:
  14. ooh! don't forget fillmore street! have fun!
  15. ^^^ooh, I love the Filmore boutiques. Noe Valley has nice boutiques also.