Going to S.F. this weekend, need Rolex dealers

  1. I had/have a Rolex on order, but they are taking FOREVER. I was hoping to maybe look at some when we are in the city, does anybody know of any Rolex dealers in S.F?

    Thanks! :tup:
  2. I've only been to Tourneau in the new Westfield Mall on Market St and 4th (I think). You can't miss it - the store is right on Market Street. That's the only authorized dealer I've been to in SF.

    Which Rolex do you have on order? :graucho:
  3. Yes, I was just at that Tourneau store at Westfield Mall where the Nordstroms & Bloomies is.... Tourneau is on the ground floor right off of Market. I was looking at a mid-size blue faced Rolex - so tempting.... they also had zero financing if you open a store credit card with them.

    Also, if you see any Ben Bridge Jeweler stores, they also are official sellers of Rolex and they're offering zero financing as well through the end of July.