Going to return stinky Mandarin Epi Speedy and get a Jasmine instead :(

  1. After doing everything I possibly could within reason to get the stinky smell out of my beloved Mandarin Epi Speedy, all it took was 10 minutes in a hot car, directly in the sun, to bring back that nasty cat pee smell. Waaaah!

    It hasn't been quite 30 days yet, so I'm going to return it on Saturday (already planned a visit to Chevy Chase LV so it works out) and get a Jasmin instead. I called the Chevy Chase LV just now and they said they have one Mandarin Jasmin left so I got them to hold it for me until I get there on Saturday. I'm not entirely happy because it does cost more than the Speedy, but it's worth not having to return the strap to ELux and besides, I really do love the Mandarin color and would like *something* in that shade while they're still around.

    (I hate returning to ELux, because of the 5 things I've bought there, 4 of them got returned. I'm afraid one more might get be banned!)
  2. Oh no, I'm sorry! The Jasmine is pretty too
  3. The Jasmine Is A Great Choice....I'm Glad Everything Worked out!
  4. OMG!!! What is it with the mandarin color and the stink? Good luck and post pic of the new one when you get it, please!!!:biggrin:
  5. Maybe its just me but i havent noticed any smells with my mandarin soufflot!!!hmmm:hrmm:
  6. Ack! What is with these stinky Mandarin Epis:yucky: ?
  7. It's only the Speedys (or so I've been told), and supposedly it's because of the dye reacting with the canvas lining. Very frustrating.
  8. Maybe it's just Orange? I have a Robert Wilson neon orange reade and everytime I open the box, it stinks up the whole room! You think it would be gone now after 5 years. P U
  9. I just got off the phone with a very nice LV rep from the 866 line and he confirmed that YES the stinky smell is a known condition that has already been investigated and confirmed by LV Quality Control. So although the receipt says only 14 days for return (grrr), the LV rep said that a bad smell is a defect, and the bag is warranted for defects for one year. He said that when I take it back to a LV store, they should not have any trouble exchanging it for something else, and that I should let them know that the condition is already reported in Quality Control Online. :smile:
  10. Did yours have that smell ?

  11. Sorry about the cat pee smell. I have yet to smell it for myself but the Jasmin is a gorgeous bag too!
  12. Jasmin = awesome!!!
  13. I think the Jasmine is a great style! What colour are you hoping to get??? still going to keep with the mandarin??? do all the mandarin epi bags smell????
    i hope you get your new LV piece soon!
  14. Jasmin is great, esp. in Myrtille w/silver hardware
  15. I thought it was the Mandarin that was stinky. Why are you getting another mandarin?