Going to Reno, NV next week, where to shop?

  1. Hello Ladies N Gents,

    I am heading to Reno, NV this coming Friday-Sunday for my 7-yr anniversary with the bf (yeah, n no engagement ring yet, I know....) and because I will not be gambling every minute (btw, I am bringing some of my work to work on it during my vacation), I was thinking of doing some shopping and looking around, do you guys know of any good shops in Reno (preferrable, the hand-bag stores).. kindly share with me this info.. also, if you have been to Reno, which restaurant is the best? Thanks for all the input...
  2. I used to go to Reno once a month...but unfortunately I never left the casino floor lol Sorry I can't be of any help.
  3. Reno got a new outdoor mall called "The Summit". It has a Coach store and a Dillards, among others. There's also the Meadow Wood Mall, which has several department stores and stores like Charlotte Rousse (I've forgotten the other stores, it's been awhile since I've been there!) Sterlings at the SilverLegacy is fantastic as is the Harrah's Steak House (but that's really expensive). If you like seafood, the Atlantis has the best oyster bar.

    Anything you're looking for in particular? If you like antiques, there's several antique stores (one of them has a great selection of vintage purses).
  4. will be staying at silver legacy so don't need to move much i guess.. what have u heard about peppermill? they were saying its the best one in reno....
  5. It's one of the larger and more popular casinos here. I haven't been to the Peppermill much, but I've heard really good things about them. I just don't like their buffet, but they do have other good restaurants. I think they were also named the loosest slots, but I'm not sure.
  6. wow, oki then i am going to peppermill... im just excited to go coz this would be my last vacation for a while.. n gambling.. maybe i can win some money for a new hand-bag.. lol lol
  7. A lot of the stores in the casinos (especially the Hilton) sell really nice bags. And I just checked, the Peppermill was named the loosest slots. Have fun in Reno!
  8. so that's a plan then.. heading to Hilton to look at bags.. heheh.. yeah, I hope I win so I will have money to spend.. I mean, save up.. lol