Going to Premiere party!

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  1. Found out last night we get to attend the red carpet premiere of "Memoirs of a Geisha" and the after-party, which was why I was hoping to snag that gold MJ bag!

    So anyhow, now I get to obsess over what to wear and which bag to carry. I have a funky wood/shell bag with a hand-painted geisha on it, which certainly fits the theme, and I also bought a little gold Kenneth Cole evening bag at lunch today when I couldn't find the MJ. (Bloomie's had next to nothing in gold bags!) I'm wearing black velvet pants and a brown/black/gold brocade shirt jacket with an Asian pattern. Unfortunately, don't have pictures of either bag now, but I'll try to take some tonight and post them. Attire for the party is "cocktail attire".
  2. Yes take pics :biggrin: And take pics of the party too :biggrin: Sounds like fun! I haven't been to a premiere party in a LONGGGGGGG time!
  3. So here are the two bags. The geisha one is quite unique, but I'm thinking maybe just a bit too funky for this kind of a party. Damn, I wish the MJ had been available!!


  4. OH MY GOD!!!! I am so jealous that sounds like a blast! I also read that lovely book, what a great premiere to go to! Your Kenneth cole bag is Divine, Congrats! Wear it!!!! the other may be a little bit too contrived considering the movie. Have a great time and tell us how the movie is!:P
  6. Yes, the Kenneth Cole bag is growing on me. It has a couple of nice slip pockets inside and seems to be really well made.
  7. Oh my god, that's awesome ! I've been waiting a long time for the movie to come out, and it looks like it's going to be good (although I've alredy been nitpicking at some of the minor stuff that they've changed.. grr!). Remember to take lots of pictures !

    And I'd say go with the Ken Cole, since you're already wearing something with an Asian pattern !
  8. Definitely use the Kenneth Cole bag. Random aside, Britney Spears sported the same bag in orange last year.
  9. Well, I ended up not using either bag. The Kenneth Cole bag didn't go with the rest of what I was wearing, and I finally ended up just taking a metallic bronze wristlet, which worked well.

    The movie was beautiful. I highly recommend it! It was the first time a movie screening was held in the Kodak theater. The acting is great, and the costumes and cinematography will probably get Oscar nominations. The party was upstairs in the grand ballroom, and was exquisite. Cherry blossom and other Japanese-themed decorations, girls in traditional costumes performing traditional dances, and plenty of Wolfgang Puck food and drinks. They had enough food and bar stations so that no one had to wait in line, and we were lucky enough to get seats at a table with some Sony folks my husband works with. I was on BagWatch, and saw lots of women with bigger bags as opposed to small evening bags. Saw a lovely red Balenciaga, a couple of Botkiers, and lots of various LV's. Even saw a couple of gals in their cocktail dresses lugging around their Speedy 30's! Didn't see many celebs that most people would recognize, except for the stars of the movie, and walked in next to Diana Ross of all people! We didn't take the camera, realized too late it wasn't charged so unfortunately I don't have pics.
  10. Sounds like you had a nice time :biggrin: I'd love to see the movie!