Going to pick up Vlad at the airport!!!

  1. Well you all know I have been quite busy over the summer. I went from a summer job in NYC to moving to a new apartment in Ohio then down to Florida for a vacation and my birthday! Whew- its been great but overwhelming!

    But in a few minutes I am leaving to get Vlad from the airport!!! He is about to land in beautiful Ft. Lauderdale right now!! :supacool:

    We have some GREAT things planned for you all in the coming week, so please stay tuned for some things you do NOT want to miss!!!! :wlae:

    PS Thanks for all of the birthday wishes!! I had an amazing day :girlsigh:
  2. WOOHOO! Have fun with Vlad!!!...cant wait to hear the upcoming fun stuff!!
  3. Yeehaw!! Have fun!
  4. hey you may wanna check out Sofa Kings' Sports Bar thinking its in west Lauderdale or Davie-been hearing commercials and think of you every time!
  5. have fun, Megs... i can't wait 4 the fun stuff u planned 4 us
  6. Have fun Meg:yahoo: . Can't wait for the fun stuff u planned for us:flowers:
  7. Yay! You guys are having quite the summer. Can't wait to hear what the big news is.
  8. YAY! Glad you had an amazing birthday!
  9. Have fun! I'm glad you had a great birthday!!
  10. Have a blast you two! I wish I could be down there to hang out and celebrate with you guys. Sorry I didn't post this yesterday, but happy birthday to my wonderful, beautiful and absolutely AMAZING sister!!!!!! I love you!
  11. Oh wow. I only have 4 posts. I am waaaaaay behind all these other members, but, I am trying!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
  12. I hope you had a blast! Have fun with Vlad!!!!!!! I wonder what you guys have in store for us??????
  13. Yay
  14. Ohh have fun Megs :party: :drinkup: :popcorn:
    Can't wait to hear the 'NEWS' :graucho:
  15. Have fun!

    You've certainly deserved it!