Going to Phoenix

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  1. I am going to Phoenix a few weeks for a conference at the Phoenician, but I am flying out a couple days early to stay w/a friend. I don't really want to go shopping b/c I don't want to pack it w/me for the return flight, and I need to save up for Christmas gifts. (Unless there are any shops that are unique to Phoenix that shouldn't be missed?) I was thinking about hiking up Camelback Mountain - I've never been truly hiking before, but I am in good shape. Would it be really hard for me? Can I just wear my running shoes? I also want to check out Pizzeria Bianco - maybe on a Sunday night? Any tips on minimizing my wait time? What else do you recommend that I do? I always bring back something uniquely edible (and easily transported back home) for my family - any suggestions? Thanks
  2. I was just out there weekend before last, but I love to shop. So I can only talk about shopping related things.
    I like to go to Olde Town Scottsdale, park then take the free trolley up to Fashion Mall, then work my way by trolley, back to Olde Town. You'll go thru 5th Avenue & River Walk, worth it in the lovely weather!
  3. I think I am going to try to sneak in some shopping at some point. Is there good shopping around the Phoenician? I'm mostly interested in stores that are not a national chain. Thanks
  4. hang out by the pool, the weather is BEAUTIFUL right now
  5. Please wear sunscreen everyday....Arizona is the skin cancer capital of the world.
  6. You can easily do Camelback with running shoes. It's not a bad hike. Last year my cousin did recommend that I bring one of those flashlights that is on a headband (think coal miner). While you look dumb wearing it, it was nice to be able to see during early morning hikes without having to hold a flashlight.
  7. Pizzeria Bianco is going to be very hard to get in to. The best bet would be to get a group and make reservation, parties of 8+. I've lived in Scottsdale for 7 years and have never hiked, lol, so I can't help with that. Unfortunately, I can only tell you where to shop and eat! For great pizza without the painful wait, try oreganos. It may not be the creme de la creme, but after living in Chicago for 15 years I know good pizza and it certainly qualifies. If you have anyother questions don't hesitate to ask!
  8. I've lived in Scottsdale which is basically phoenix for almost 10 years since i was 10 years old. If you can try to have the high tea at the Phoenician, greatest thing! Climbing Camelback Mountain is fun and not too challenging if your in shape, running shoes are fine.. you won't have a problem. I've heard of Pizza Bianco and heard waiting can get kinda crazy, i've never been though. My uncle does own a resturant in phoneix called Red Tamato which is really good. If you need suggestions on anything else please let me know, I know phx/scottsdale area like the back of my hand. LOL
  9. Thanks for all the replies! Do you think a day trip to Sedona is worthwhile? What do you do there? Also, how do people dress? Can I wear sandals or flip flops?
  10. The majority of people are still in there sandals year round. We don't dress "summery" in the fall in terms of colors, but some people still wear shorts etc. I hate to say it but I'm really not into the whole nature scene, we lasted literally 30 mins at the Grand Canyon :shocked:. I liked Sedona, they have nice spas. You seem to like the mountains, so you'll definitely enjoy it. The red rocks are beautiful.
  11. We went out to Phoenix this summer for a conference that my hubby had to attend. We met another couple while we were there and we ended up going to the Grand Canyon. We also went to the Desert Botanical Gardens which was actually pretty interesting because we are not used to that scenery at all. We didn't have time to visit Sedona but were recommended numerous times to visit there. One night we drove to downtown Tempe and ate at a non-chain resturant and listened to a poetry reading outdoors.
    We did some shopping and went to IKEA (loved that place)! I hope that you have a wonderful time on your trip!!!
  12. ^ i second the desert botanical gardens. just lovely and relaxing.
  13. is there a pinkberry or anything like pinkberry around tempe/scottsdale area??