Going to Paris

  1. Ladies, I will be in Paris (yay!!!) in 10 days, and I want to buy my first Chanel purse. I LOVE the Luxe line, but I'm a little apprehensive about lasting power... any suggestions?? I'm a young professional in my mid-20s.
  2. Have fun over there!! Enjoy ure time!! I would recommend caviar classic flap....caviar is tougher than the lamb skin and it would last a looong time!
  3. Definitely the Caviar Classic Flap, you can't go wrong with this bag:yes:
  4. You will simply love Paris, there is nothing that compares, magic. As for a first bag the classic flap is a great choice. There is also a newer version of the flap, it will come in a variety of colors. It is on the Chanel site but only black is shown. I will share my favorite Chanel shop. RUE DU FAUBOURG ST. HONORE. They are so wonderful, my favorite person there is on holiday. However, if you like I will send you the name of another person and I assure you will be received well. You will be in shoppers heaven. HERMES, DIOR, BACCARAT, LALIQUE, GUCCI, PUCCI, and a host of others. Please avise if I can in any way be of assistance. If you would like a sublime dining experience please seek out the CRISTAL ROOM, the new resturant at the Baccarat museum. It is beyond words, if you are to late to get a reservation, please go a new the museum. I promise you will be speechless, again, this is just beyond words. Please let me know and I will provide you with the address and phone number. My daughter and I go to Paris a lot since we are so close and always eat there. Another great is Sunday brunch at the Ritz, reserve quickly if you would like to eat there. This is another not to miss place. You should be able to use there toll number to reserve.You will look wonderful with your new Chanel bag. Again, if I can be of further assistance just let me know. Enjoy.
  5. oh thats such a cute idea! going to paris and buying your first chanel bag. is it your first time going to paris? i think i shall instate that rule upon myself- new country= a new bag..or five?