Going to PARIS!!! What one bag would you buy??

  1. My DH fanagled his boss into letting me accompany him to the Paris Airshow this year in June. I am so excited! :yahoo: I'll finally get to use 8 years of French!....Now, if I can just remember it all....

    So here's my question. I bought my first Burberry in London, my first Fendi in Italy. What would be the one iconic handbag you would buy in Paris? LV? Chanel? Hermes? Let's say I want to keep it under $1,500 - which one would you get? Be specific with models, too.

    Also, shouldn't I be able to get a bag at least MARGINALLY cheaper in Paris than the US b/c of VAT refunds? I know this was the case in England & Italy.

    Thanks all! I am so excited I'm practically bouncing outta my chair!!!:wlae:
  2. That's so exciting!! I don't know which bag to suggest but just wanted to congratulate you! All three brands are iconic and so Parisian...
  3. Oh, that is *fantastic!!!* Honestly, I'd take a day and look in all three places. Then you will feel that you have seen them all, and won't get back home and wonder - What if? One will surely reach out and grab you over the others.

    Have a great, great time!! :smile:
  4. what is a vat refund??
  5. VAT is value added tax
    Any one who lives outside EU can have claim VAT whenever they shop within EU if the stay is less than 3 months. Of course you will have to spend certain amount in the shop in order to claim VAT.

    Ruemode, with $1500, I think LV or Balenciaga will fit your budget and they are one of the many icons of France. You might be able to get a small Chanel bag coz IMO Chanel tends to be more expensive than LV.

    Have a great time in Paris and remember to show us your babies when you come back. :smile:
  6. Chanel!!!
  7. Goyard is a great french brand too
  8. The price will actually end up being about the same as in the states b/c of the horrible exchange rate. I think in France, you get 17% back for VAT. With prices being a little lower than the states and the bad exchange rate, you will probably spend about the same amount of money. But . . . the experience of walking into the Flagship LV store in Paris and walking out with a shopping bag is well worth it - even if you end up spending more! Happy Shopping!
  9. Thanks ladies! I cannot wait! I'll take pix when I'm back (the trip is in June). For now, I'm just going to do some research to narrow down a dream purse! lol!
  10. Have a wonderful time in Paris. I vote for the bag that will make your heart sing!:love: (You can't go wrong with any of the three brands you named.)
  11. Hi! I just joined...because I am going to Paris as well end May/1st of June! Have been researching prices and styles all over the net...please share whatever you have learned....have you heard about the second hand stores? I have not been but intend to go! Anyone out there have experience with "les Depot-Ventes"? Thanks!! Laurie
  12. I would get a Chanel even though it might be a bit more than your budget it will be cheaper than in the US.
    If you claim a VAT refund you are obligated to pay US VAT or sales tax when you travel back because they ask you if you have something to declare for customs.
    Have fun in Paris!
  13. I'd predictably vote for Hermes, but it would blow the budget probably. Would you consider a smaller Hermes item? There is some amazing and oh so tempting information on shopping for Hermes in Paris at the Faubourg flagship store in the subforum. As others have said though, either Chanel or LV would be a great Parisian choice with lots of options. Give us some idea of your taste so people can start getting specific with suggestions and models. This is a challenge that I predict many TPFers will love!
  14. How fun, ruemode! I hope you have the best time!! You can't go wrong with LV or Chanel.
  15. If it was me I would get Chanel, to me that house just embodies everything French and chic.