Going to Paris, should I go solo or with a tour?

  1. Looking for some advice, going to Paris first time in May & I don't know if I should do it solo (create my own itinenary) or go with a tour. I should mention I am fluent in French so I would be able to get by just thought it might be lonely for a week if I went solo, any advice?
  2. Go SOLO!!! If you're fluent in French, I'm guessing you're interested in French history/culture/food/etc. I minored in French in college, and DH and I went to Paris in May for a second honeymoon. All we did was walk, eat, and drink - it was amazing just being there!! We found quaint cafes, cobblestone pedestrian-only streets, unique neighborhoods. The only tour we did take was a boat tour on the Seine.

    I'd be happy to give more details if you're interested. I'm a huge Francophile, so any time I can talk/eat/read about France I'm in heaven LOL!
  3. Go solo ... unless you are one of those people who need a tour group to keep motivated.
  4. Solo, for sure!
  5. Oops, that's true. I do like to people watch and eat crusty bread and cheese from all the various shops. :yes: And the shopping....
  6. You can take tourist bus tours there but I wouldn't want to experience Paris with a noisy large group of strangers, so I vote for solo (or with a SO/friend)! Have fun, it's a fantastic city :heart:!
  7. go solo!!! more fun!!!
  8. Definitely go solo!!! Tour groups can be very rigid and I personally like to wander. Plus, there is no telling whether or not you will enjoy the company of others in a tour group.
  9. Thanks for your advice ladies, I've decided to go solo based on your recommendations.
  10. ^ seems you already made your mind up, I was also going to say to go solo. Have fun!
  11. Even though I am too late I also recommend: "Go solo!!!"
    Avec toutes mes amitiés,
    Regina :tup:
  12. Also, if you want to day trips, you can always get a last minute tour! (This way you are not entirely committed to anything, but will also have some sort of structure if you need it.)