Going to Paris... Shops and Restaurants???

  1. Hi.
    I am going to be in Paris for six days beginning on Monday.:yahoo: I have been to Paris a dozen times, so I am aquainted with the city and don't really need to see the attractions.

    I was hoping some of you could give me names of cute boutiques and great restaurants I should try out. I am thinking hip & trendy places, but which also serve great food. And cute boutiques for shopping.

    Let me know!
  2. Skip the Galleries & Printemps - it's overcrowded. Instead go to Le Bon Marche (They have the nicest SA's EVER - esp. Chanel) 22 - 24 rue de Sevres (correct me if I'm wrong) You should check out Maria Luisa on 40 Mont Thabor, STAY AWAY from Colette on Saint Honore (they are mad & don't give refunds - just store credit, when it was THEIR fault I recieved the wrong item) I think you should buy the book Where to Wear Paris 2006, it has lots of great stores. :smile: I suppose you've been to the Champs Elysees, so I'm just posting a few stores most people might not know of. :rolleyes: And check out Sephora (Champs Elysees store is overcrowded but fun) Hope that helps! :idea:
  3. There are so many nice places in Paris to shop. It depends on what yoiu are looking for. One of my favorite out of the way areas is Bercy Village Metro Cour St. Emillion on the line 14. There are darling side walk cafés and trendy shops like Saphora, Agnes B, etc. What I like most about the area is that you can sit outside without traffic but still people watch. It is really a charming area. Also, there is a beautiful garden there to take a stroll. I love it there. Let me know if you need any other little ideas. and, feel free to send me a pm if you would like to meet for a coffee while you are in town!